If you're physically fit, hungry to learn and be better, I urge you to travel - as far and as widely as possible.  Sleep on floors if you have to.  Find out how other people live, eat and cook.  Learn from them wherever you go.
--Anthony Bourdain

Teachers arriving in Thailand
Kangaroos And Children?
You can earn around $800 US per month living with a family in Australia and babysitting. Most positions in the Sydney area. This placement fee is now $869 saving you $100! Read More
Sports summer camp counselor positions!
Stay in shape and play sports with kids in northern Italy (Torino) and speak English to them Monday through Friday. Then head off on the weekends to enjoy all Italy has to offer. Positions limited. Read More
New Paid Teaching Jobs in Myanmar (Burma)
President Obama made Myanmar a priority during his recent visit to the country — the first by a sitting American president. He journied to this storied tropical outpost of pagodas and jungles to “extend the hand of friendship.” You can journey there too, as a fully paid English teacher. Read More
Need a job with a great salary and benefits?
Teach in Thailand! The placement fee was reduced today by $350. Take a look at our NEW video shot on location recently. It is amazing! Click on the green Read More to view the video. (Turn up your speakers...) Read More
Nicaragua's affordable Internships
Health, small business, engineering, social work...you name it. These intense internships are available now and they are the most affordable internships we offer (with room and board included). Read More
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