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Travel And
Make A Difference

Get paid to Teach English Abroad
Or Au Pair Abroad

Volunteer To Tutor English Abroad
Or Be A Language Camp Counselor

Reward yourself with a Working Holiday in
Thailand, France, Italy and
10 other countries!

"Kind of like a gap program for grownups and grads!"

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Get Paid - Teach Abroad

When you're accepted, we guarantee a well-paying teaching position with benefits.

Get Paid - Global Childcare

Tutor children in English. Prepare their snacks and meals. Keep their rooms tidy.

Language Camp Counselor

Make a lasting difference in children's lives. Teach English in highly creative ways.

Tutor English To A Host Family

Volunteer to tutor English to a screened host family in the world's most captivating places.

Volunteer Abroad

Sustainable volunteer projects that provide a lasting difference in each community.

Participant Reviews

Since 2001 70,000+ participants have trusted us. Meet a few. See how their lives were impacted.

Let's Be Honest
Rewarding yourself with a 1-month to 1-year working holiday takes money, time, risk, planning and supportive friends and family.

We all start out with good intentions to go abroad and make a difference. But along the way we can get distracted or discouraged. The result? We stay home. We don't travel abroad and make a difference in people's lives.

If you're serious about traveling to make a difference, GeoVisions Foundation can help you stay focused and make your travel dreams come true. Your life will never be the same!

Since 2001 we have helped over 70,000 travelers, just like you, with the same goal of traveling to make a difference. Our staff has a combined 157 years of service doing exactly this. We'll keep you motivated and help you squash those doubt bugs. Our simple 3-Step Plan guarantees it.

Accomplishing your travel goals just got a lot easier.

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Safety And Security

"I'm an adult with a college degree, but still my parents want to know I'm going to be safe." Health and safety is your priority and that makes it our priority. Phones are answered by humans 24/7. Everyone associated with GeoVisions Foundation (here and abroad) are screened and vetted.
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Quality Of Experiences

"Having access to former participants helped me set accurate expectations."  Listen to our Alumni stories and you'll realize how much value there is in a GeoVisions Foundation experience. Talk to them by phone, email them, read their blog posts, watch their videos.

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Experienced People

"The moment I found your website I could tell there was both quality and passion implemented into the programs." Commitment and longevity is our strength. Our staff have worked here from 2 to 17 years. Some of our programs are "Global Youth Travel Award" winners.
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GeoVisions Outcomes Survey

2,500 of our GeoVisions alums agreed to be surveyed. Responses were humbling. Not only were our programmatic goals met and exceeded, outcomes we never could have imagined became front and center of the unique GeoVisions Foundation experience.

From improving self confidence and independence, to speaking a foreign language each day, to gaining a better understanding of their values ... the outcomes of a GeoVisions Foundation experience last a lifetime.

Read more about this ground-breaking survey and the outcomes of 2,500 GeoVisions Foundation participants.

Survey Results

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GeoVisions' Guidebook App

Because you're going to travel with your screen, you're going to want to know that you can have, at the ready, important pre-departure materials, teaching ideas, host family guidelines, au pair materials, ESL and ELL teaching materials available to you at all times (and probably, even next to your bed.)

Since "solo-travel" isn't really for all of us, you are going to want to reach out and message other GeoVisions Foundation participants on program at the very same time as you. Or communicate with our Global Headquarters anytime you want. And receive urgent messages 24/7.

Traveling around the world with an app that works with any mobile device, exactly as you would expect is what we've done with our Guidebook App. You want to be successful on your working vacation. With the GeoVisions Foundation Guidebook App and your screen of choice, you will be.

Mobile App

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