Travel with a purpose. Make a difference. Real experiences (some paid).

Join us and over 71,000 people since 2001 who chose to be a traveler, not a tourist.

My Travel Opportunities

Get Paid - Teach Abroad

Well-paying teaching position with benefits. Academic year, semester, summer.

Get Paid - Global Childcare

Tutor children in screened host families. Prepare snacks and keep their rooms tidy.

Language Camp Counselor

Make a lasting difference in children's lives. Teach English in highly creative ways.

Tutor English To A Host Family

Tutor English to a screened host family for free room and board.

Volunteer Abroad

Sustainable volunteer projects that provide a lasting difference in each community.

Online Teaching

Teach English online. Enjoy flexibility. Work from where ever you are. Have fun.

Let's Be Honest
We all start with good intentions when we decide to travel authentically.

However, along the way, we can get distracted or discouraged. The result? We stay at home. We travel as a tourist. Or we spend hours researching how to travel this way, becoming even more distracted and discouraged.

Who has the time?

You just need a different approach. Our simple 3-Step Process guarantees it. You will have more fun. You will spend less time researching and more time planning and preparing.

Accomplishing your travel goals just got a lot easier.

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Alumni Outcomes

86% improved their self-confidence.

90% gained the ability to formulate career goals and clarify professional aspirations.

89% would recommend GeoVisions Foundation to a friend.

81% gained experience speaking a foreign language.

95% gained a better personal understanding and clarified values.

95% experienced increased independence.

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You're In Safe Hands

Support That Never Ends

"I'm an adult with a college degree, but still my parents want to know I'm going to be safe. Phones are answered by humans 24/7. Everyone associated with GeoVisions Foundation (here and abroad) are trained to help you.

Every Aspect Of Your Program Screened

"The moment I found your website I could tell there was both quality and passion implemented into the programs." Host families are screened by the in-country staff and you communicate with them before you accept a match. Jobs are vetted before they are offered to you.

Quality Experiences

"Having access to former participants helped me set accurate expectations." Listen to our Alumni stories, and you'll realize how much value there is in a GeoVisions Foundation experience. Talk to them by phone, email them, read their blog posts, watch their videos.

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