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Well-paying teaching position with benefits. Academic year, semester, summer.

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Tutor children in screened host families. Prepare snacks and keep their rooms tidy.

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Make a lasting difference in children's lives. Teach English in highly creative ways.

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Tutor English to a screened host family for free room and board.

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120-hours online. 130-hours in-class in Italy, Greece, Turkey and Peru.

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I really enjoyed my teaching experience in Madrid. I was placed in a family with 5 teenagers, 3 of whom were triplets. The family provided me with a private room and bath.

One of the family's goals were for the triplets to pass the Cambridge English Language exam. All of my lessons were tailored to prepare for the exam which had an oral section, a listening section, and a written section.

With the older 2 siblings, I helped one with their high school English homework.

The mom and I spoke every day about all sorts of issues and we became friends. It's been a year since I was in Madrid and we've stayed in contact.

Molly Last, Home Tutor In Spain


I loved it so much, I want to go back.

Signing up to volunteer to teach English to a family in Italy was the best decision I've ever made in my life, no joke. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget.

I also could not have been placed with a better family! They were AMAZING people and we still keep in touch! The family was extremely welcoming and I felt at home immediately!

After I became comfortable with the train system in Italy I was able to use other European train systems without any problems. Google Maps was also a huge help in telling me exactly which train I needed to be on.

I would also like to add that I am a solo female traveler and had no issues with safety. I flew, took busses, and trains to other countries by myself, and I would do this a million times over!

Traveling solo as a female was a very freeing and empowering feeling. You can learn a lot about yourself, you realize you can do absolutely anything you want to do.

Alexa Puzder, Home Tutor In Italy


It's great to be on a program where you get paid and become so close to your host family. I have everything I need.

My advice: Hop on the train, leave the guide books at home and just get lost for a few minutes. Metro stops are close enough that it's hard to get completely lost. Also, book some weekend tours to get out of Madrid and see other cities - they're all great!

I would recommend bringing a floppy hat and some sunglasses -- you'll need them! If you go with the flow you'll have so much more fun.

Joanna Hamilton, Au Pair in Spain


My stay in Thailand was amazing!! It wasn't just a place to visit, but a series of divine encounters. My fellow teachers, the students, the community of Uttadarit as well as the Thai people I met impacted my life in ways I can't express.

The attitude of the culture is one of respect and acceptance that goes way beyond what I have experienced anywhere else in my travels. Combine this with the beauty of the country, the food, the travel and the graciousness of everyone I met and I had the time of my life.

I would go back to Thailand in a heartbeat and I hope I get a chance to someday.

David Bujarski, Paid Teacher in Thailand


My goals for doing this program were to become a better English teacher and to get to know the city where am I staying. Since being on the program for a month, I definitely feel like I have accomplished my goal of feeling comfortable in my city.

My goal with being a better English teacher has been narrowed down a little bit; in other words, it has gone from the general (wanting to be good) to the specific (help my family improve their English skills in tailored ways given their personal goals and feedback).

This is a great program and I'm very glad I did it. I highly recommend it to anyone.

Jacob Zarate, Home Tutor In Spain


Being in Thailand has definitely been quite the experience! I will tell you, it was definitely not love at first sight haha.

It had taken me a bit of time to adjust to everything: the different climate, culture, and overall way of life... but in the end, I wouldn't trade my experience for the world!

I have met so many new friends, seen some of the most amazing views, and learned a whole lot about myself, and life along the way.

Christina Carroll, Paid Teacher In Thailand

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