Alumni Outcomes Survey

Results From 2,500 Alumni

GeoVisions Foundation surveyed 2,500 Alumni

Responses were humbling.  Not only were our programmatic goals met and exceeded, outcomes we never could have imagined became front and center of the GeoVisions experience.

As our Alumni sent notes with their answers, we found out that a GeoVisions Foundation experience helped them find their strengths and weaknesses, to accept compliments (which allowed them to compliment themselves) and they learned how to use criticism as a learning experience.

We are already a community, so let’s build a movement together!

As we seek out experiences through travel, teaching, volunteering and living abroad, let’s inspire others to do the same! Please find our community on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook through the hashtag #SeekExperiences. We’ll be featuring YOUR photos and stories through the posts that are tagged!


Results Of Our Alumni Outcomes Survey

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Self Confidence?

Did your GeoVisions experience improve your self confidence?

86% answered "yes."

14% answered "no."


Career Goals

My GeoVisions experience gave me the ability to formulate my career goals and clarify my professional aspirations.

Strongly Agree 17%
Agree 35%
Neither Agree or Disagree 38%
Disagree 5%
Strongly Disagree 5%


Speak A Foreign Language

This experience gave me the ability to speak a foreign language in the workplace.

Strongly Agree 27%
Agree 26%
Neither Agree or Disagree 28%
Disagree 12%
Strongly Disagree 8%

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Recommend To A Friend

I would recommend GeoVisions to a friend.

Strongly Agree 70%
Agree 19%
Disagree 5%
Strongly Disagree 6%


My Values

My experience with GeoVisions gave me a better understanding of myself and my values.

Strongly Agree 48%
Agree 36%
Neither Agree Or Disagree 11%
Disagree 3%
Strongly Disagree 2%

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Adapt In The Workplace

My GeoVisions experience gave me the ability to adapt to diverse workplace environments.

Strongly Agree 42%
Agree 36%
Neither Agree Or Disagree 14%
Disagree 4%
Strongly Disagree 4%



My GeoVisions program increased my ability to be independent.

95% yes



My GeoVisions experience gave me increased ability to take initiative.

94% Yes