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Abi Whitney

Abi is a 20 year old avid traveler, currently continuing her education in business at Florida State University after taking a semester off to explore the Au Pair life for 3 months in Italy. She works in the fashion industry as a personal stylist and is the Chief Marketing Officer for a designer. She is getting ready to head to several other countries throughout the year as they take on Fashion Weeks all over the world. Abi is passionate about traveling and is so fortunate to have the flexibility to do so.

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Why you should go abroad alone at least once in your life

on Feb 26, 2019 5:20:00 AM By | Abi Whitney | 0 Comments | traveling abroad Tutor In Italy
It's an extraordinary thing, this world. The concept of it is truly limitless. You could travel to every single continent, and only just begun to see it in its entirety. A century, give or take, is simply not enough time to experience what this world has to offer. So why wait?
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