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Kelsey Noris

Kelsey is from Lakeland, FL and recently graduated from the University of Florida in December with a Masters in Information Systems. She loves learning new things, which is how she has come to love traveling the world. She has already visited 6 countries and counting this year!

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Is Solo Travel For You? This Pro and Con List Will Help You Decide

on Mar 28, 2017 3:56:53 PM By | Kelsey Noris | 0 Comments | language exchange seek experiences solo travel Volunteer Abroad
Over the past two months, I have had my fair share of solo travel around Europe. Throughout my trips, I have created a list of pros and cons of taking a trip alone. Some of these may seem obvious, but I have found all of them to be incredibly true (and many other solo travelers I have met along the way have echoed or added on to these thoughts as well!) Here is my list of the main pros and cons I have found traveling solo so you can decide if solo travel is for you...
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