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Kelsi is from a small town in Wyoming where she works full-time as a physical therapy aide and takes full-time online classes for her major in sociology. Currently, she's in the middle of a six month au pair in France program in the relatively small ville of Sezanne, France. She wanted to learn French to help with a future career in humanitarian aid in Africa.

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Top Five Reasons To Au Pair in France

on May 19, 2015 11:40:28 AM By | Kesli | 0 Comments | Au Pair France work abroad
My name is Kelsi and I work as an au pair in France through GeoVisions.  I’ll admit I’m no sage, I have relatively little life experience compared to others, and my advice is probably not that reliable. That, however, does not stop most people from offering their opinion as if it is fact, and it is not going to stop me either!
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