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Help Me Teach In Madrid

Posted by Global Work And Service Team | Feb 4, 2009 6:31:00 PM

From The Tutor

Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2009 05:31:55 -0800
Subject: lesson plan ideas

This is my fourth week in Madrid and I need some new fresh ideas to keep the kids interested.  I´ve got a 5 and 10 year old boy.   I just took on some neighbour girls (5 and 7), who are hyper and hardly know any English (which makes it difficult because I don´t speak any Spanish).  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks


From Help Me Teach

Hi, Danielle,
Sounds like a tough assignment. Actually, you are under no obligation to take on incoming neighbor children. I suspect they are hoping to join because you are so good. A bit around the fringes as joining you. Are we lookng at formally structured time or other activities? With this bunch, I would suspect the more activity the merrier. They need to show you what they wish to do. If this is a shared time with your own 'charges, then you need to re-assess your primary commitment. You are not obligated to those young people coming in later around the edges. Stopping this will take a bit of strength. 
Just me: Personally, I would not include others at this point if that does not feel comfortable and does not help your program. Also, this was not part of your iriginal 'charge.'  I have the feeling that right now this is not comfortable to you. My underatnading is that your primary objective is the family and their children (This is what they have asked for) - And that is where your energies need to funnel.  Quite often, neighbors in surrounding areas learn about a GREAT person (word of mouth) who has joined a family. Wow! There you are and want to do wonderful things at the moment. Time for you to draw lines. What is your primary assignment? Does it include the neighborhood? (This could grow into full classes, etc.) How do you feel about excluding other children as you teach your own? How to adjust when you teach them and - Is it within the home or elsewhere?  Might be good to include the hangers on with zoo/museum/park walks. Anything else is really off limits beyond your own charges. You need to draw the lines.
As regards your own charges: I would suggest art and activity in any form - self-expression, museums, parks, that which is around - all in English - if this has not yet been exhausted. Vocabulary! How does it enter into a sentence? Colors, form, activity, anything they may wish to just let you now about. Interesting age span. And especially how they can express themselves and explain. Not only to you, but also to their parents. You are a member of the family and this could be their sharing time. The 10-year old may balk a bit, but I suspect there will be sharing at the end  - And in English where the words permit.
How long is your 'assignment' in Madrid? What are you looking at beyond this adventure? It is obvous that you are a good teacher. Let's see what we can do with the attachments. Also, please check with Dave's ESL Cafe on the Internet for great ideas. Are you able to access the Internet? If not, then I need to know so I can provide other materials.
Hope this is helpful. Let me know how things go. Given the attraction you have for other children, your own ability to take young peole into your world,  and what is happening, I know you are a very good and caring teacher. You need to make some choices concerning you, your location and situation. Might need to draw a few lines and let yourself enjoy the experience.
Please see attached as a possible idea help. I would truly like to learn from you what is going on there. You plunged in - and into a family with certain wishes. I sincerely ope that all works out. What is the length of your program?  This will help me in the future as the children grow into the language and those working with it.
Check out the attachments and let me know if anything is helpful. I continue to learn. Very best wishes! I hope to hear from you!

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