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Help Finishing Teaching Assignments in Jordan - Geovisions

Posted by Global Work And Service Team | Feb 11, 2009 9:16:00 PM

From The Tutor

Date: Mon, 09 Feb 2009 18:55:26 -0500
Subject: Jordan

Hello. My name is Shelby. I'm staying with a family in Jordan and was just emailing to get some tips on teaching. The kids of the family I'm staying with can speak English fairly well, so it will be much easier with them, but the parents hardly know any. Anything you could tell me would be helpful. Thanks!
Shelby Burton


From Help Me Teach

Dear Shelby,
Thank you for your message. It sounds as if you are in quite an adventure in Jordan.  Congratulations on your new family.
How old are the children and how many are there? It is good that their English is at a higher level so there can be interaction on many levels. I am certain that as they show you their world - in English - their vocabulary will improve. Are you helping them with English homework? This often gives direction to how tutoring can go forward. Having them explain to you what you are seeing (parks, everyday affairs, etc.) can only enhance their English skills.
Attached are some suggestions on how to work with the children and the family. Most are discussion topics but many can also be used as writing topics or as creative launching boards. Please let me know if the attached are helpful or if your situation calls for a different direction.
Also attached is a listing of Internet sites that offer creative ideas for many different ages. Concerning the parents: This can be more challenging, as they would, I am certain, like to have help on their own adult job or daytime lives. Some of the attached discussion topics might be used. If there is Internet access, this is a great way to teach vocabulary on various subjects, including news articles or anything having to do with science or history. If they are willing to give you 'classes' in English about the history of Jordan, this would be a wonderful learning experience for you and a good confidence builder for them.
I hope the attached will be of help to you. Please let me know if you receive the attachments and if the information helps or if you need anything else according to your circumstances. You are in an amazing part of the world filled with history. Have a great adventure!
Best wishes,


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