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GeoVisions' Newest Program: Teach English to Monks & Nuns In Myanmar

Posted by Alexandra LeGrant | Jul 25, 2019 9:13:45 AM

“New programs are a lot of fun and full of promise. Putting together a new one gives me energy and excitement. Nothing, though, has excited me quite like our newest program of teaching English to monks and nuns in Myanmar.”

--Randy LeGrant, GeoVisions' Executive Director

GeoVisions and XploreAsia have joined forces to provide a VERY unique opportunity to teach English to Buddhist monks and nuns in Yangon, Myanmar.  (Monks and nuns are responsible for the preservation and circulation of the Buddha's teaching and the guidance of Buddhist lay people.)

The Southeast Asian country of Myanmar (formerly Burma) has 51 million people (89% of whom are Buddhist), and shares borders with Bangladesh, India, China, Laos and Thailand. Much of the country is covered in dense tropical forests and beautiful beaches.  It's also home to countless rhinos, wild buffalo, antelopes, and elephants.

For as little as 12 days, or as long as 10-weeks, you’ll live in a monastery or nunnery, teach English and immerse yourself in the Buddhist culture.  Many of the monks and nuns are orphans- some as young as five years old.  Just think of the positive impact you will have in their lives!

For more information about this life-changing opportunity, click here.

Written by Alexandra LeGrant

Alexandra is the Community Manager at GeoVisions Foundation. She handles all of the Social Media and Alumni relations. Alex loves to travel and meet with our participants.

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