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Malawi Asks For Africa Volunteers-"It's more than Madonna"

Posted by Kevin Morgan | Mar 21, 2010 4:27:00 PM

Volunteer, travel and citizen exchange leaders gathered in Miami last week at the WYSE Work Abroad Conference.  Exciting times with great meetings.  We had new meetings with partners for upcoming new volunteer Conversation Corps partner programs in China and Paraguay, paid internships in Moldova, and paid full-time teaching through Asia and the UAE.  We'll announce new programs as they come on line.

A feature of the meeting was an appearance by Muwa Mutharika, the daughter of the President of Malawi.  She called for volunteers to come to this impoverished nation, which has been in the news mainly because of Madonna's adoption of her Malawian child.  But Ms Mutharika told our gathering that Malawi is much more than being about Madonna.  They need help to train people, to help build infrastructure, to develop skills.  She also asked the gathering to consider Malawi students to come to other countries as Student Workers and as Au Pairs.

GeoVisions is looking to grow our offerings to Africa in 2010.  We currently have opportunities in Africa -- help artists in Ghana improve their English conversation so they can sell their works, assist in whale shark conservation projects in Mozambique, or work with orphans, street children or animals in South Africa.  Coming soon - programs in Senegal too.


Written by Kevin Morgan

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