Thailand is a place that provides so many incredible gifts to someone. So many unexpected things take place when you live there. Being a teacher in Thailand has been the most rewarding thing I've ever chosen to do. I've been rewarded is so many ways. From the people I've met, the unique culture I've experienced, the food I've tasted, and the places I've seen.

Staying off the beaten path has always been a part of who I am.

From my life choices to my fashion sense, I have always been a wanderer. Against my desire to keep this place secret because it has given me so much joy, so many unexpected happy memories...I will share it with my fellow adventurers.

Sam Roi Yot may or may not be known by many people, but when we came upon it, we were awe-inspired. The bright blues, gold, and green shimmering in the sunlight made it seem as though we had just arrived in a real-life watercolor painting. It was a normal weekend, left school on Friday and took the minivan down to Hua Hin for around $7 (for a three and a half hour ride); as soon as I got there I met up with some friends and we rented a motorbike to get out of that tourist trap. Don't get me wrong, I loved Hua Hin when I first arrived in Thailand. It's beautiful, foreigner friendly, there is a lot to do, but it is a tourist trap. So after living in Thailand for some time I would begin to escape my beloved little tourist trap in search of something better. I found that those rides outside of the town were a gift in and of itself. Riding the long stretches of road outside of town we were surrounded by locals, we would get lost and be forced to practice our Thai, and then stumble upon fascinating Buddhists structures hidden along the roads. These were all unexpected gifts.

off the beaten path

The next day we drove a little further than we normally drive. That's when we came upon the brightly colored temples and statues. We got off our bikes and walked around, after snapping a few pics we saw the entrance to a path and we just started walking.

Now I know I said I stay off the beaten path but this place itself was off the beaten path, so I thought, let's see what they have to offer.

There were no other foreigners around. There were hardly any other people. We walked through the beach, the woods, and up a small mountain then we walked down some slippery rocks and into a cave. What we found was a small temple lit up by the sun when everything else surrounding it was dark, on the side of the wall we saw some writing, a message inscribed by the the first king of Thailand. I was stunned, what incredible beauty, what a moment, and how amazing to be standing in the same place as someone with such a huge historical impact on the place I'm living. Thank you Sam Roi Yot, for giving me such an incredible and unexpected gift. I am humbled by the adventures I have here in the beaten path.

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