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Our Work & Travel Students Can't Come To The U.S. With This Helmet

Posted by Randy LeGrant | Jan 26, 2010 8:47:00 PM

helmet tree in TaiwanOur Work and Travel team was in Taiwan this past weekend interviewing Taiwanese students for the GeoVisions U.S. Work and Travel program.  Our CEO, Kevin Morgan, came across this photo in the Taiwan Times.  In Asia people rely on motorcycles as a staple of transportation, and there are helmet laws in just about every country.  Is this Banyan Tree in Puyan Township really promoting helmet use, or was it "pruned" by buses and trucks?  

We have over 300 Taiwan students coming to the U.S. on Work Exchanges this year!  American employers hire Work and Travel students to provide an international dimension to their staff.  Guests at theme parks, hotels and restaurants enjoy talking with people from other countries -- learning about their cultures.  Taiwanese students also volunteer on our Global Work and Service Programs around the world.

Taiwan is the fifth largest country participating in GeoVisions worldwide exchange, education and work programs.

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Written by Randy LeGrant

Randy is the Executive Director of the GeoVisions Foundation. He has spent the last 44 years managing organizations that send people abroad on cultural and educational exchanges.

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