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Teach and Volunteer in Vietnam - Enjoy the Traffic

Posted by Kevin Morgan | Feb 17, 2011 11:55:00 AM

As CEO of GeoVisions (I'm Kevin) I get to travel and visit our volunteer and teach abroad sites, and interview international students for Work/Travel and Internship Programs in the US.  One of my favorite trips every year is to Vietnam.  And one of my favorite tasks every year is taking videos of the traffic!  I call it, "So You Think You Can Drive".  Here is this year's (You might want to turn down your volume!).

One thing I like about GeoVisions is the network we've created, and how we can use our Work and Travel students who come to the US to work in seasonal jobs during their school vacations to help our volunteers and teachers when they go to their own home country.

Phuc and Thao resized 600Here are Phuc and Thao.  They've worked in the US, but back in Vietnam they act as hosts and guides for our Teach in Vietnam volunteers.  Want to find the best coffee shops, go off the tourist trails, experience a homestay, just talk about Vietnam and America ... Phuc and Thao are just two of the people who can make your time in Vietnam unforgettable and invaluable ... priceless as the commercials say.

What makes our Vietnam program unique?  Every experience is personalized based on your own skills and interests.  Our partners in Vietnam may find you a Conversation Partner assignment working with children, or with business owners looking to trade with western countries, or government officials, or college students at a leading hospitality school.  You can do a part of your program in Ho Chi Minh City, then another part in Danang, or Hanoi, or the Mekong Delta.  Vietnam is one of the most exciting of the Asian "Tigers".  I think we help you be a part of the excitement in a way that no one else can.  You'll see why.

Written by Kevin Morgan

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