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Teaching Abroad? Try These Travel Apps

Posted by Alexandra LeGrant | Aug 4, 2019 3:44:13 PM

So, you’ve signed up for one of GeoVisions’ amazing programs.  Whether you’re teaching abroad in Thailand, or volunteering abroad in Peru- congratulations!  Soon you’ll start making that oh, so important “to pack” list.

Comfortable shoes- check.  Versatile clothes- check.   Toiletries- check.   All set?  Not yet.  Don’t forget to also download travel apps that will make your trip so much easier- relieving some of the stress and anxiety that can come along with traveling overseas.

Recently we asked some GeoVisons participants, both former and current, some of their must-have travel apps.

Here are their Top 10, in no particular order.

Teach Abroad Use TripAdvisor and Google Maps to find landmarks like the Musée d'Orsay in Paris

1.    Google Maps –Not sure where you’re going? Can’t read a paper map?  (A what?)  This is the perfect app to help you navigate by foot, bus, or car.

2.    Google Translate—At a French restaurant and not sure what “pilon de poulet” is?  Don’t worry, this app will help you realize you’re about to order a chicken drumstick.

3.    TripIt—Isn’t it a great feeling when you’re organized? This daily itinerary is perfect for any traveler. Simply email the app all your flight information, hotel information and much more.  The app will create a custom made itinerary.

4.    tram TRACKER—In London and not sure when the tram is going to arrive?  This app tracks the exact time your tram will arrive via your smartphone. “Scheduled times” may not be as accurate as you may think, so with this app you’ll know for sure when to be ready at your stop.

Working abroad Use iCurrency to see current and historical exchange rates

5.    PTV—Transportation apps are always a good idea to have downloaded before your trip. This app helps you find a station, stop, or any address of interest. Routes can be saved as well. The app also notifies you of any transportation service disruptions.

6.    iCurrency –How many British Pounds equal the U.S. Dollar? How many Euros equal the Canadian Dollar? Simply convert the price of anything with this app’s handy currency converter and calculator.

7.    TripAdvisor—If you want a very detailed travel guide, TripAdvisor is the way to go. After downloading the app you’ll have access to many offline features. Find the best hotels, attractions and restaurants nearby.

8.    FlightAware—Travelers always want to be on top of their flights and wouldn’t want to miss any of them. This app tracks your flight status and even has a live map of where your flight is traveling. Loved ones at home can also follow your status.

Teaching Abroad Will the weather be picture-perfect for your trip to Switzerland? Find out using the Weather Channel App

9.     The Weather Channel – Is it raining in Madrid or sunny in Rome?  This app provides accurate forecasts wherever you are in the world.  And it also converts Celsius to Fahrenheit- so no need to worry if you didn’t know that 20 degrees Celsius is 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

10.    Clock App – Want to call your mom back home in Texas to wish her a “Happy Birthday,” but don’t want to wake her up? Go into the "World Clock" section of the built-in clock app on your phone, so you know when your friends / family are up and when they're sleeping.

Note: GeoVisions does not endorse any of these apps, but whether volunteering abroad, teaching abroad or merely going on vacation- we hope these are helpful to you.   Safe travels!

Do you know of any other must-have travel apps?  Please share them with us in the comments section below.

Written by Alexandra LeGrant

Alexandra is the Community Manager at GeoVisions Foundation. She handles all of the Social Media and Alumni relations. Alex loves to travel and meet with our participants.

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