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Conversation Corps-France

2 min read

Lost In Francelation...Sue Ann's Smilebox for Conversation Corps

Fridays are fraught with a dose of reality.  If I get a bill I want to dispute, it comes too late on Friday to do much about it.  If I plan a family outing, it rains.  My dog always gets sick on a Friday and I have the call the emergency number for the...

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Conversation Corps-France: Gonna Travel Well

 Andrew Kolodey is one of GeoVisions' Conversation Corps tutors in France.  He started up a Blog:  Gonna Travel Well.  We recommend you check it out and follow Andrew as he explores France and lives with a family in France and teaches them English.

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1 min read

GeoVisions Hero: Elyse Stever

When we call you our hero, do you feel like a hero? I would have never considered myself a hero, and had never really thought about volunteering as such. I considered my stay in France as a shared opportunity - I taught and they shared their life with...

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