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Teach In Thailand With Students Aged 11 To 60

Each week, GeoVisions posts an actual email from a Conversation Corps tutor, a Conversation Partner or a full time teacher abroad on a GeoVisions program.  We call the series, Help Me Teach Abroad. Our Help Me Teach desk is manned by Betsy Bruneau, a full time ESL teacher here.  She gives teaching assistance to GeoVisions' participants by phone, email and Skype.  It is a FREE service that GeoVisions provides to all of our participants and they can have access to Betsy before they depart and during the program.  If we can help you be an amazing teacher or tutor, you will be happy, your students or host family will be happy, you will tell people they should try this out and we will have a repeat family and school.  And that's how we want to roll.
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Black Hole Tourism Or Volunteering To Teach Abroad In The Desert?

on Sep 5, 2012 2:05:00 PM By | Randy LeGrant | 0 Comments | Conversation Partner Responsible Travel Jordan
Take a look at this photo.  What do you see?
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Smell That Coffee: Teach Abroad At A Hotel In Colombia

on Jul 26, 2012 1:15:00 PM By | Randy LeGrant | 0 Comments | Conversation Partner Teach Abroad Volunteering Abroad
You Are you a male or a female?  Are you in good health?  Is English your first language? The Assignment Tutor hotel staff in English.  Hotel staff means the people who clean the rooms, work the front desk, cook the food and the people who keep things running.  All the staff at the hotel want to improve their English.  The minimum length of your assignment needs to be one month.  But you will start where the last tutors left off.  You may stay up to 3 months maximum. Where you will live, eat and teach The hotel is small.  18 rooms and 4 suites.  The hotel is located outside of Armenia.  The owner of the hotel is committed to having his staff improve their English.  You will have your own private room (and bath) and you will have all of your meals from the restaurant at the hotel.  Because you will tutor the staff, your room and all of your meals are FREE.  Your room and private bath is framed with a spectacular view.  You will be surrounded by Panaca National Park and many coffee farms. Other Activities The local school has welcomed other tutors to help them out a few hours each week.  You are welcome to go to the school and tutor children in English in what GeoVisions calls "the English corner."  This activity gets you out of the hotel, gets you in front of children who want to improve their English, and gets you involved in the community.  Improve your Spanish, take Salsa and Merengue dance lessons or using bamboo rafts, ride down the La Vieja River. We can tell you that the owner took our last tutor there on some tours.  That isn't to say he'll take YOU, but if he likes you and you're doing a great job we see no reason you won't get to see a lot of the area, improve your Spanish, and learn more about rural living in Colombia. How We Help You You will be supported by our own ESL Teacher on staff, Betsy.  She runs our Help Me Teach desk.  She is available by Skype or email.  Just let her know what you need help with given what the staff needs to learn and she'll provide a lot of personalized help. You will also have a FREE membership in the ESL Lounge.  There you can download games, worksheets, flash cards and other aids to help in your classes and make your classes fun.  We provide our own teaching materials also, which you can download and take with you, or download at the hotel. We have a manned 24 hour emergency service and you have the best travel and medical insurance out there. Experience You do not need to have teaching experience to qualify.  You will be interviewed by Skype, you must be a native English speaker, and you need to have excitement about teaching English in a very beautiful and very relaxed setting.  GeoVisions has sent tutors to this hotel already, so you will have notes as to what lessons have been used and where to start.  You will be expected to do the same for the next round of tutors coming in after you. What Do I Do Next? We are looking for our next tutors to send to Colombia to live and tutor at this hotel. Contact Us if you want to be the next tutor at a hotel in Colombia.  Because we can accommodate only 1 tutor at a time, space is limited.
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Volunteer Abroad: Do You Fit In?

Yesterday I wrote a post about "How I See You." I thought I would follow up that post with actual comments from GeoVisions' volunteers in-country right now. I hope you'll read some of them to see if you think you fit in.
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Teaching Abroad: How I See You

So here you are at GeoVisions.
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