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2 min read

Volunteer Abroad And Be Proactive

Two years ago this weekend I was packing for a 12-day trip throughout Asia.  I had just gone to the Guilford Fair Parade with my children.  So here we were again, sitting along the street with friends to watch a parade of history that identifies...
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2 min read

Volunteer and Work Abroad Friends I've Never Met

The last time I wrote a Blog Post was February 26.  Over four months this Blog has been dormant.  That's embarrassing.  Not that people stand in line to read my is just embarrassing that I'd go over 4 months and not write, which had to leave...

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3 min read

Volunteers Know That Ready Or Not: Disasters Don't Care

In the early morning hours on Sunday, August 28, Hurricane Irene came ashore in Guilford, CT. Guilford is home to GeoVisions' Global Work and Service Program office. It is also home to most of our staff.

Old timers to this Blog probably remember photos...

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1 min read

Volunteer Abroad-We Have A Lot To Live Up To

It is just stunning here in Guilford, CT today.  It's hard to be inside working.  All of us here know we're coming to the long winter slog and so when we are afforded days like today…bright sun, 70 degrees and bright fall leaves…we want to be outside as...
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