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Teaching English Abroad in Thailand: Ethan & Marika's Story

on Aug 9, 2019 11:58:54 AM By | GeoVisions Participant | 0 Comments | Thailand Paid Teaching Teaching English
Ethan and Marika love adventure. The boyfriend/girlfriend couple have traveled to New Zealand and Jamaica together, backpacked in Oregon and Colorado and have road-tripped all over the Western United States- visiting numerous National Parks.
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Marika Travels After College to Teach English in Thailand

Before I decided to teach English in Thailand, I was feeling quite lost and confused in my life back home. Marika and her boyfriend, Ethan, take part in Wai Kru (Teacher Appreciation Day) as part of their Teach English in Thailand program
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Teaching Abroad in South Korea: From Dream to Reality

I opened my browser and typed the words “teaching abroad in South Korea." This was something I have always fantasized about doing, but never had the courage to take that dream further. For a long time, I dreamt to do something like live and work in a different country, but was also content at the time with living the 9 to 5 life in the same town with all my friends, family and familiarities. What followed in the coming months showed me a side of myself I never knew was there.
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Teach English Abroad: An Adventure in Thailand

on Aug 4, 2019 3:29:35 PM By | GeoVisions Participant | 0 Comments | Teach Abroad Thailand Paid Teaching Teaching English
Hello, my name is Christina Carroll.  Thailand was not, by any means, my first choice when I first decided I wanted to travel and teach English abroad.  I actually had my sights set on Spain.  But when I figured out it would have been nearly impossible for me to travel there and still be able to pay-off my student loans, I decided I had to search elsewhere.
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Paid Teaching Abroad: Tackling the TESOL Course

Hi. My name is Amy, and I'm here in Thailand doing the paid teaching abroad program through GeoVisions.  In the States, I have been intermittently working on getting my teaching certificate for a number of years, so have a bit of experience with education and classrooms.
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