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Volunteering and Traveling Abroad Reality Check

Most of us can be guilty of it. Coming up with a fantasy in our head spawned from the excitement of embarking on a new worldly adventure, nurturing magnificent thoughts of exciting experiences and perfect encounters. We envision our host family to be everything we wished for from the best of our own families.  Whatever awkwardness is experienced in first meeting them is all very quickly overshadowed by their excellent cooking, perfect location, or their proficiency in our native language. We envision a happy, healthy family, a comfortable bed in a private room with a high level of cleanliness, we don’t think about missing our friends and family and we certainly don’t envision ourselves getting sick. In a perfect world, all those things would come true, but in reality our runaway imaginations can get the best of us and even set us up for a miserable experience abroad.
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Feynan Eco Lodge in Jordan: 2 Conversation Partners Needed Each Month

Filed under shameless self-promotion: We need to staff 2 tutor positions at Feynan Eco Lodge in Jordan each month.  Um, starting NOW.
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Have Volunteer Abroad Solution...Will Travel. For A Need!

Who among us have not wondered, at least once, if Voluntourism is doing good, or doing more harm than good?  I have even wondered, who is helped more on a Voluntourism project--the project or the volunteer?
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Safety First When You Volunteer Abroad

on Apr 23, 2010 8:23:00 AM By | Randy LeGrant | 1 Comment | Teach Abroad Responsible Travel Volunteering Abroad Travel Safety
For those of us involved in sending people abroad for many years, it is impossible to escape the dreaded call about an accident involving one or more of your volunteers or teachers.  In my 35 years of doing this work, I've been on the receiving end of such calls three times.  When I mention these calls in meetings, someone always suggests that one every ten years isn't so bad.  And if you've been the one picking up the telephone in the middle of the night to hear the news that someone is injured, or worse, even one in your lifetime is one too many.
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In Voluntourism Short-Term Good Is Also Good For The Long-Term

on Dec 28, 2009 11:00:00 AM By | Randy LeGrant | 1 Comment | Responsible Travel Reasons To Volunteer Abroad Volunteering Abroad
On November 16, Matt Villano over at Time.com wrote an interesting post entitled, "Room Service and a Shovel: The Rise of Voluntourism."  You can read the original post here, and don't worry, it's a short piece.  Mr. Villano writes about the volunteer projects available when you stay at The Mandarin Oriental in Miami or The Fairmont Mission Inn and Spa in Sonoma, California.  Mr. Villano writes that, "Many of these short-term voluntourism projects involved hard work.
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