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Volunteer Abroad And Start Up Your Own Project!

One of the best feelings in our work is to see volunteers provide assistance to a community or a medical outpost or teaching kids to read in rural Ghana.  If I were to ask my friends who also do this kind of work, more than likely they would say the same thing.  Watching our volunteers and watching the smiles of the recipients of that volunteer's efforts. I am always asked, "What is your favorite city in the world?"  Or, "What is your favorite country in the world?"  To be quite honest, it depends on the time of day someone asks.  Too many favorites I have. One thing is clear, however.  When I am asked the best part of my job the answer is always the same.  It's watching what happens when our volunteers return from their project.  I've become obsessed with finding out what each GeoVisions' volunteer, tutor and teacher are doing.  More times than not, it is special, as you can see with Daniel Jackson. Daniel went to Cusco, Peru with GeoVisions last June (2009) to work in the Medical Center there we support.  He was able to volunteer for six weeks. Daniel is a photographer and you can see his work on his website.  But once Daniel returned to the U.S. he started Friends of Belempampa.  Daniel was so taken with Cusco, and with Belempampa, that he organized a group of international volunteers and staff who have worked at the Belempampa Health Center in Cusco and then put together the "Friends" website to help provide support to the medical center. Please consider supporting Daniel, his group and his new non-profit group, which will
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Breast Cancer Awareness-Be Involved When You Volunteer Abroad

on Dec 2, 2009 11:05:00 AM By | Randy LeGrant | 0 Comments | Medical/Health Projects Staying Involved Volunteering Abroad
You have probably seen this great video in other posts or on ABC News, November 30.  It is just impossible to watch without smiling.  Congratulations to the staff at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland, Oregon for showing us "The Pink Glove Dance" for Breast Cancer Awareness. My baby sister is a survivor and my entire family is grateful but also very proud of her and the care she received and continues to receive. So I'm going to add to the viral circulation and hope you enjoy the video as much as I did.
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