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GeoVisions Teach in Thailand Orientation: What You Can Expect

on Mar 19, 2019 4:15:02 PM By | Alexandra Giffin | 0 Comments | Teach Abroad Teach in Thailand
Traveling to Hat Yai:
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Teaching in Thailand Will Change Your Life

on Feb 15, 2019 4:28:00 AM By | Darby Caneen | 0 Comments | Teach in Thailand teaching abroad teach english abroad
October 19, 2018, I am 30,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean on Singapore Airlines flight 708 to Tokyo, Japan. There was a sense of urgency to get off the 12 hour flight and see what Asia had in store for me, but there was also a sense of caution. Me, myself and I, alone in a city of 35 million people, no one to lean on for help with directions and no one to go to restaurants with. I just had myself, 6,700 miles away from home and I am loving every second of it.
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