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A New Volunteer Abroad Blog From Costa Rica

on Mar 7, 2012 1:03:00 PM By | Randy LeGrant | 0 Comments | Teacher Blogs Volunteer Blogs Volunteering Abroad Costa Rica
We get a lot of questions about other volunteer and teacher Blogs.  We get so many of them, sometimes they fall through the cracks to be quite honest.
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Teach In Thailand--Our January 2012 Group Of Teachers

on Feb 24, 2012 11:14:00 AM By | Randy LeGrant | 2 Comments | Teach Abroad Teacher Blogs China Work and Travel Thailand
It all began on Sunday January 8th, 2012. The January intake group for GeoVisions' Teach in Thailand program met Kevin and Jaco in the lobby of the Ratchada Hotel in Bangkok for their debriefing. After a little question-answer session, the group headed back to their rooms in preparation for the journey to Hua Hin on Monday morning. All of the students shared 2 minibuses for the two-hour drive down the coast. As soon as they arrived, everyone had a choice between three different accommodations. 12 of the students chose the Hillside, while 3 chose accommodation closer to town. For the rest of the first week, the group had Thai language classes, culture and politics lessons, as well as getting bank accounts, sim cards, and scooters sorted out.
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Teach English Abroad! Five Blogs That Help

on Dec 26, 2011 9:39:00 AM By | Randy LeGrant | 0 Comments | Teach Abroad Teacher Blogs Work and Travel
On December 12, Edudemic ran a Blog post we really liked by Jeff Dunn, the Executive Director of Edudemic.  They produce a monthly iPad magazine about education and technology.  We follow Jeff on Twitter (@Edudemic) because we work with hundreds of teachers each year, placing them in full time teaching positions in Thailand, China, S. Korea and soon in Vietnam and Japan.  Their content on the Blog, Twitter and their Facebook page is helpful.
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