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Internship Abroad in Chile: Kyle's Adventure

on Jun 15, 2015 4:10:14 PM By | Kyle Hall | 0 Comments | Internship Work Abroad Chile
I was fortunate enough to be able to study abroad in Seville, Spain when I was an undergrad at the University of Wisconsin. My time spent in Spain, and all of my travels throughout Europe, were life-changing to put it simply.
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Au Pair in the Netherlands & Be the Next Mary (or Andy!) Poppins

on Jun 9, 2015 3:42:00 PM By | Andrew Gold | 0 Comments | Au Pair Netherlands Work Abroad
How many college-age adults do you know who go to sleep at 9 p.m., wake up at 5:30 a.m. and are at work at 6:30 in the morning? Of those few, how many willingly work with over 200 children from sunrise to sunset, five days a week?
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Au Pair In Australia: Aimee's Trip Down Under

on May 12, 2015 6:33:19 AM By | Aimee | 0 Comments | Au Pair Australia Work Abroad live like a local
I have been wanting to visit Australia since I can remember.
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Au Pair in Paris: Love Abroad & Back Home

on Apr 20, 2015 4:50:45 PM By | Aubrey | 0 Comments | Au Pair France Work Abroad live like a local
I wanted to start a new chapter - one that would be broadening, challenging, and fun. Being an Au Pair was the perfect fit!
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Au Pair in The Netherlands: Travel, Biking and Herring

on Apr 10, 2015 7:47:56 AM By | Gabriella | 0 Comments | Au Pair The Netherlands Work Abroad
Every day is exciting and busy, and filled with new challenges.  Some major challenges I have overcome is biking. The bicycle is The Netherlands main transportation. I have had to learn to bike in traffic, adjust to new road rules, and bike with a child. Another, I wouldn’t necessarily say challenge, more of an obstacle, would be herring. Herring is a small fish the Dutch love more than I think they love their bicycles!  The popular fish is eaten raw, sometimes topped with onions or pickles, or served on bread. Since I never turn down a new experience, I tried it, definitely not my new favorite food, or “liefelingseten” in Dutch. But not everything has been a challenge. Some amazing experiences I have had so far include going to the market on Saturdays, biking the trails through the forest on the edge of Hilversum, making my way through the endless streets of Amsterdam, and traveling alone in Europe. My host family has been unbelievably generous and took me with them on a family vacation to Malaga, Spain my second week here. I fell in love with Spain and its beautiful coastline, yummy seafood, and pretty coastal towns. While I have been here I have also gone on my first solo trip to Antwerp, Belgium. Antwerp is about two hours away by train. Antwerp is a small safe city packed with shopping, good food, and lots to do. It is perfect for just a day trip, but I stayed for two nights and got to experience the city for a whole weekend. Don't miss out on your chance to have an exciting year working as an au pair in The Netherlands!    Although I have been here for merely a month and a half, I do have advice for future au pairs in The Netherlands.  Europe is safe, but you must always be cautious, and do not let traveling alone scare you.  I definitely advise exploring as much as you can and trying everything. Eat a lot of food, go on long bike rides, and invite the kids you’re watching to go with you. Check out local parks, zoos, museums, and even gardens. Also, make sure you communicate. Ask your host family lots of questions, they can be very helpful in making travel plans or coming up with ideas to keep the kids busy. Lastly, do not be scared to contact au pairs in your area.  They make great coffee dates, travel buddies, or just some people to talk to about challenges you are facing. 
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