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Posted by Anni on Friday, August 10th, 2012 at Journeys for Good.  This Blog Post is used with permission. It’s been a while since I wrote about a volunteer organization on the business side of the volunteering equation. The for-profit volunteer industry is one of the main engines driving our global increase in volunteer travel. These are travel companies that provide a vital service for communities in need while they offer great travel and volunteering adventures to their customers. The links between tourism and volunteering continue to blur as itineraries increasingly include volunteering stints amidst sightseeing and outdoor adventure. Often volunteering opportunities are half-time and include room and board, permitting a much more long-term vacation than would otherwise be possible.
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Teaching With Your Feet

As we send a ton of people to volunteer abroad and teach abroad in the coming weeks, many are asking for ideas on what to teach when they are abroad.  Can you Teach Abroad or Volunteer Abroad with your feet?  Well, you can "walk the talk!"  But this video below is about much more than that.  The principle can be used as you go abroad and meet so many new and exciting people.  Look for the lessons where you least expect them to appear.
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"My Big Dream"-Volunteering Abroad For Six Months

Terri Wingham (A Fresh Chapter) is leaving today for Vietnam with GeoVisions on an incredible 6-month journey to volunteer abroad.  I spoke with Terri a few hours ago going over the details of her program for 29 days in Ha Noi, Da Nang and Ho-Chi-Minh City.
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Two Steve Jobs Quotes That Help Us Do Volunteer Abroad Better

Here in our Guilford, CT office we look out onto a town Green that was established in 1639.  Same Green, same foot paths for 362 years.  At the North end sits the traditional New England white church with the clock tower and required bell that tolls at Noon.  On the other 3 sides of our Green sit buildings dating back to the 1700s.  Our office is in a building built in 1750.  We are surrounded by rich history.  All of us here are deeply attached to this place and we feel proud to be here.
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Volunteer Abroad--Fad Or Function?

Today I noticed an article from The Vancouver Sun entitled The give and take of Voluntourism.   Tourists are increasingly likely to look for opportunities to do volunteer work while traveling abroad. Win-win? Perhaps. But some argue it’s become more fad than function.  Janet Steffenhagen of the Vancouver Sun did a great job at explaining what Voluntourism is, and raising some well-deserved flags about this method of travel. The first question Janet raised was "whether voluntourism has become more fad than function."  It's an important question.
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