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Volunteer Musicians Playing For Change

on Jun 3, 2011 8:41:00 AM By | Randy LeGrant | 0 Comments | Reasons To Volunteer Abroad Working For A Better World
Playing For Change is 150 volunteer musicians in 25 countries, putting together 47 videos.  None of them have ever met. Since 2007, the Playing For Change Foundation has helped promote peace across borders by bringing music education programs and instruments to children in communities around the globe.
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Volunteering and Traveling Abroad Reality Check

Most of us can be guilty of it. Coming up with a fantasy in our head spawned from the excitement of embarking on a new worldly adventure, nurturing magnificent thoughts of exciting experiences and perfect encounters. We envision our host family to be everything we wished for from the best of our own families.  Whatever awkwardness is experienced in first meeting them is all very quickly overshadowed by their excellent cooking, perfect location, or their proficiency in our native language. We envision a happy, healthy family, a comfortable bed in a private room with a high level of cleanliness, we don’t think about missing our friends and family and we certainly don’t envision ourselves getting sick. In a perfect world, all those things would come true, but in reality our runaway imaginations can get the best of us and even set us up for a miserable experience abroad.
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Price Or Program When Shopping For Volunteer Abroad?

I haven't written a post for our Blog in a long time.  I have a plethora of topics, and a scant amount of time.  I depart Monday for Brussels for a week of meetings with other volunteer abroad providers regarding best practices in the volunteer abroad industry.  And when I travel, even domestically, I try to write a travel journal for our Community Pages.  That keeps me involved with our community and them involved with me. I guess the first thing I want to do is invite you to have a look at our new website - 10 months of work.  We could not be more proud of the design and functionality.  The site was built around social media and our community pages at the core--site pages and ideas about our programs can be shared on virtually every social media site out there.  Emanating out from the social media core had to be easy navigation along with stunning photos.  Lastly, we had to make sure our text was easy-to-read and accurate.  Please let us know what you think and ways you think the site can be improved.
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Volunteer And Choose To Make A Difference With Civic Responsibility

GeoVisions is proud to present this guest post by Karen Middleton, President of Emerge America, a premier training program for Democratic women. Karen also served as a Democratic Representative for the state of Colorado and was on three committees - House Education, Business Affairs and Labor, and the Legislative Council.
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Volunteering Abroad Didn't Work Out: How Do You Do The Right Thing?

I watched a TED talk today by Barry Schwartz.  I was so taken with Mr. Schwartz and the subject of "doing the right thing" that I'm embedding the video at the bottom of this post. What got my mind racing at the outset of Professor Schwartz' talk was the description of measuring a round column in relation to "rules." If you think about it, it is impossible to measure a round column using a ruler.  So to solve the problem, the Greeks fashioned a ruler that bends.  (Yeah...you can already see where Schwartz is going with this one...)
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