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Posted by Kevin Morgan | Mar 10, 2010 3:32:00 PM
GeoVisions Thailand Work and Travel StudentsThis week, close to 500 university students from Thailand arrive in the US on the GeoVisions Work and Travel Program.  GeoVisions is designated by the US State Department to sponsor exchange students who come to work in seasonal jobs in the US.  This year, while there are fewer jobs, and, thus, fewer students, there's still a good chance you might run into some of our students -- especially if you are visiting a major theme park, or even a national park.  You might have some of them serve you at a McDonalds in Pennsylvania, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Ohio or Florida.  These students are from Thai universities, and the State Department gives young people the chance to learn about America by having the ability to work for a couple months during their school vacation.  Thai students have a vacation from March to June.  So ... if you see a Thai student in your travels, be sure to say hello (Sa-wa-dee Kap --- or Sa-wa-dee Kah if you are female).
Thailand Conversation Corps sightseeingIf you prefer to meet Thais in Thailand, you might want to consider our Conversation Corps-Thailand program.  You can go to the "Land of Smiles" and live with the family of one of our exchange students and help them improve their conversational English, while you learn Thai, discover Thai customs or culture or history, or just enjoy sightseeing in your free time -- for one, two or three months.
For now ... WELCOME TO AMERICA to our Thai Work and Travel Students.

Written by Kevin Morgan

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