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Work Abroad: Walk and Talk in Italy with Shanny

Posted by GeoVisions Participant | Aug 3, 2019 6:52:03 PM

For me, coming to Italy to work abroad was not only to get a job or to be involved in a cultural exchange. It was proof that I can get what I want if I really work for it -- a dream come true.

Work Abroad Despite having a lot of experience living abroad, Shanny decided to work abroad in Italy to improve her language skills

It all started a year ago when I returned to my hometown, Mexico City, Mexico, after working six-months in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida in the International College Program. I had the amazing opportunity to not only work abroad with people from all around the world, but to actually get to know them and share different ways of living, thinking and overall culture. Since then, a spark lit up in me -- a spark of curiosity, a hunger for knowledge, of desire to be with people, to create strong relationships, and a determination to do more.

I started taking Italian lessons since I knew for my career (I'm a student in hospitality management) it would open many doors.  I always loved the language.  So I made a promise to myself: to work abroad in Italy in the summer.

I found GeoVisions searching for that opportunity.

The Walk and Talk work abroad program fit exactly with what I wanted: a personal, close and true relationship with the Italian culture, an opportunity to improve my Italian, the chance to teach to others, and being around kids!

When I told my friends and family, they couldn't believe it.  They were so proud of me since they knew how much I wanted it and now I finally got it. Since it wasn't my first experience living alone and away from home, I was so excited I could barely contain it!

Work Abroad Shanny loves taking her host family's children to the beach while working abroad in Italy

I've been living between two families and they're both amazing. They care about me, teach me their language, culture and even take me on trips. I mainly take care of two 8-year-old kids, Matilde and Jacopo, but also Matilde's little 4-year-old sister since she can't miss all the fun! After a month of daily lessons I can definitely see progress in their English.

We live in Tortoreto, a small town in Abruzzo by the sea, so I take them to the beach every day to play together.  We have lunch, I give them lessons, and in the evenings I'm free to have some "me-time," to go to visit other close cities by train or take a ride in my bike. We all have dinner together usually.

Since I'm here for two months I want to make the most of it. I've visited so much in so little time I can't believe it: every little town close by like Pescara and San Benedetto del Tronto, Milan, Lake Como, Florence, and still to come Rimini, San Marino, Sorrento and Rome!

When I get back home I'm finally graduating, and hopefully pass my Italian exam with excellency!  This work abroad program has opened so many doors and given me so many tools that will help me to grow both professionally and personally. It opened my mind to another culture, new ways of thinking, and appreciating human relationships.

Work Abroad You can never get enough Nutella - or Gelato - in Italy!

My advice is not to be afraid- to do it! The only way we can grow is by living real and new experiences, and yes, it is better if they are completely different from what we are used to, since we get out of our comfort zone and really start living!

This was a lifetime experience for me. I know it won't be over when I leave Italy, because now I have a home and a family away from my own, forever.

-- Shanny

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