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Working Abroad in Italy: "My Heart Lies With Italy"

Posted by GeoVisions Participant | Aug 3, 2019 6:54:40 PM

La dolce vita is real! That is all I have to say about my wonderful time working abroad in Italy.  For three months, I au paired and tutored a family in English through GeoVisions Walk & Talk program.

Working abroad in Italy was by far the best experience I have had to date. During this time, I grew in ways I could not imagine possible, and met a lot of beautiful souls along the way.


working abroad Monique loved exploring small towns while working abroad in Italy


If you are wondering if you should take the gamble and do something out of the ordinary like this, the answer is a million times YES!

I searched for many different opportunities that would bring me to this beautiful country and GeoVisions had the perfect program for me. I decided I wanted to partake in the Walk & Talk program with them because it was part-time au pairing and part-time tutoring, and they had great reviewsI have heard many wishy washy stories about au pairing because sometimes all isn't as it seems. You never really know what type of family you will have until you arrive.


working abroad Monique with some friends she met while working abroad in Italy


This program felt more like a guarantee I would have some freedom during my stay, and the family would be on the same page as I am. It also felt a lot safer because everything is done through an agency. When I got there I was put into contact with their sister agency, who made the process of easing into a new culture a lot smoother.

The family I was paired with was absolutely amazing! Very welcoming and respectful. I had the pleasure of tutoring and au pairing two lovely boys age 10 and 15, sweetest boys I have ever met. It was an absolute joy to get to know them and experience life the way they do. In Italy family is very important, so we had dinner together every evening unless I had plans or vice versa. It was a great balance of work and play! Also living so close to Milan was a plus.

Being so close to Milan it was easy to make many friends, some of which will be my friends for life. There was so much to do at this fashion capital, from museums to Fashion Night Out, to concerts to the infamous Navigli area for food and drinks. There was never a dull moment.


working abroad Monique enjoyed spending time in sea-side villages while working abroad in Italy


Another one of my favorite places was Rome for sure. Such a romantic city, filled with beautiful music, art, architecture and people. This city may go to sleep a little earlier than Milan, but there was never a dull moment here either. Every place I visited in this beautiful country had a certain charm to it that I will never forget. So many memories were made while working abroad that I will keep close to my heart for many years to come.

Finding this program was one of the best things I have done because now I have an idea of where I want my future to lie, and that is in Italy.

My experience there, thanks to GeoVisions, was so great that I have been invited back to stay with my host family another three months, which I will be doing in the next two weeks.

Thank you GeoVisions for helping me realize where my heart lies, with Italy.



Walk & Talk Monique loved visiting Milan while working abroad


Alumni Advice from Monique:

* If you want to travel around, plan your trips before hand! You will be surprised at how time flies.

*You really don't need that much clothes. Quite the girly girl, I packed two heavy bags of clothing and shoes. Although I did wear 90% of it, I honestly did not need most of it. There are wonderful markets where you can find beautiful cheap clothing if you really need it as well as anything else you need.

*Bring an adapter! Always comes in handy.

*Try to learn the language, they really appreciate it when you do. Besides it's so beautiful, why not?!

*Always be aware! Though crime is not a huge problem, there are those who pick your pockets.

*Live in the moment and enjoy it! It is happening now, and it is great.

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