Summer Camp Counselor Abroad

Language Camp Counselors

Each year the language camp counselor positions in Italy, and Thailand fill up many months before the camps begin. These are the most sought-after programs in the GeoVisions catalog. Who doesn't want to be an international language camp counselor?

Every summer our language camp counselors travel back to their adolescence. Most people can claim to be a camper at least once in their lives. However, even fewer can claim International Language Camp Counselor.

The truth is, there is no better way to spend your summer. Being an International Language Camp Counselor will change your life, no matter what country you choose.

When your camps were running before COVID-19, our counselors could be found dancing around in their shorts and flip-flops. They got to know their fellow counselors by sharing meals and accommodations with them. It’s hard to sit around worrying about what others think of you when you’re playing games, creating world-class art projects, going over words and phrases in English with Italian, Spanish or Thai kids.

When COVID-19 is official at bay, and when borders open up in Spain, Thailand, and Italy ... you will again have the opportunity to become a summer language camp counselor. Right now our camps in Spain and Italy have closed until at least summer 2022. Our camp in Thailand sold out completely. And so we can't send more counselors there until summer 2022.

Check back with us in February 2022 and hopefully, we'll have better news for you.

Until then, check out the programs we do have running!