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Each year the language camp counselor positions in Italy, and Thailand fill up many months before the camps begin. These are the most sought-after programs in the GeoVisions catalog. Who doesn't want to be an international language camp counselor?

Every summer our language camp counselors travel back to their adolescence. Most people can claim to be a camper at least once in their lives. However, even fewer can claim International Language Camp Counselor.

The truth is, there is no better way to spend your summer. Being an International Language Camp Counselor will change your life, no matter what country you choose.

You’re going to dance around in your shorts, flip-flops, and your GeoVisions tee shirt. You’re going to get to know your fellow counselors because you’re sharing meals and accommodations with them. It’s hard to sit around worrying about what others think of you when you’re playing games, creating world-class art projects, going over words and phrases in English with Italian or Thai kids.

You are going to be working each day with day campers and staff in your camp position. You will not falter in your confidence or ability. You’ll learn to trust your gut. You’re going to learn how to communicate in Italian or Thai. You will relish in being a role model for the campers and enjoy increased responsibility and awareness. You'll wonder where you got all that enthusiasm.

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We came across a great article we'd like to share with you. We hope you'll find it helpful. It's called 5 qualities of a top-notch language camp counselor. Maybe you won't go abroad with the GeoVisions Foundation. And maybe you'll decide this isn't the program for you. We think the free download might give you a leg up on those decisions.


You work each day with 30+ day campers and 15 staff for a month. The program is designed to provide plenty of time on weekends to experience the Italian culture. Many other summer camp counselors have had time to travel all over Italy during the weekends. Some have even taken the overnight ferry to Croatia.

You put in around 20 hours each week playing games with the campers and speaking English each day, and the rest of your time is spent traveling and experiencing the culture in depth. Enhance your resume with this International teaching experience. You will learn some Italian living and teaching English in Italy.

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A group of language campers with 3 of their GeoVisions counselors holding their certificates.


Becoming a summer camp counselor in Thailand is not only highly rewarding, it’s a lot of fun. In Thailand, GeoVisions’ language camps provide English language education to disadvantaged youth.  This gives them an opportunity to learn a valuable skill that they can use to better their lives. These language camps mostly take place in and around schools.  Students practice their English in a more creative setting of activities and learning that make the day a lot more fun.

During the camp days, you will participate in many creative activities using art and music with the children.  You will also have time for plenty of exercise playing soccer during activity time.  It’s the Thai kids’ favorite sport.

Receive approximately $15 “Thank You” each camp day. Expect around 10+ camp days during your four weeks in Thailand.

Thai Summer Camp

A group photo of campers and their GeoVisions counselors.