Language Camp Counselor In The Canary Islands, Spain


The program is designed to provide plenty of time on weekends to experience the Spanish and Canary Island culture.

Travel with other summer camp counselors all over the Canary Islands during the weekends.

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positions open for 2020 session one
June 20 to July 18


positions open for 2020 session two
July 18 to August 15


Most people can claim to be a camper at least once in their lives. So this summer, consider traveling as a camp counselor in a summer camp on Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands in Spain, teaching English.

Dance around in your shorts and flip-flops. Get to know your fellow counselors by eating meals with them. It’s hard to sit around worrying what others think of you when you’re playing games, creating world-class art projects, going over words and phrases in English with Spanish kids and having an amazing lunch of goat, rabbit or fish and then after your last class, heading out to the beach or catching up on an afternoon nap.

You work each day with 30+ day campers and 15 staff for a month. You will not falter in your confidence or ability. You’ll learn to trust your gut. Learn how to communicate in English and Spanish. You will relish in being a role model for the campers and enjoy increased responsibility and awareness. You will wonder where you got all that enthusiasm.




The program is four weeks for each session.


Not included, but generally, a visa is not required in advance.  You will enter the Canary Islands as a tourist, which is valid for up to 90 days.

Start Dates 2020

June 20 to July 18. Session 1

July 18 to August 15. Session 2


  • Summer camp counselors must be native English speakers.
  • Counselors need to be at least 18 years old. Preference is given to counselors who have a college degree or are in college, and have one of the following requirements:  teaching experience, camp counselor experience, or teaching English as a second language certificate.
  • Be in good health.
  • Have good lesson planning and organization skills.
  • Skills in sports, music, singing, etc are extremely helpful.
  • Share your language with the language camp 30 hours a week Monday to Friday. It’s easy doing this in a summer camp in Spain teaching English.
  • Be on time for camp each day.
  • Manage your own personal expenses (telephone bills, clothing, entertainment, and spending money).

Program Location

On the North or the South areas of the Island of Tenerife. Tenerife is the largest and most populated island of the seven Canary Islands. It is also the most populated island of Spain. The island has many beaches (with sands from yellow to black) and resort areas, including Los Cristianos and Playa de las Américas.

The island attracts over six million visitors a year. Combine white sandy beaches or put your explorer's hat on and step beyond the tourist spots. Discover an island of extraordinary beauty and diversity, with remote mountain-ridge villages, cultured port settlements, and charming ancient towns.


The video below captures the highlights of where you will be for a month this summer!



The fee you pay to be a language camp counselor in The Canary Islands goes to our 501(c)(3) non-profit company, The GeoVisions Foundation.  The program donation for this experience covers our costs of placing you on the program in a safe, welcoming host family. The fee helps our non-profit to provide your accommodation, pre-departure, a camp counselor position & in-country support and 2 meals per day with your host family. We provide tutoring materials on our mobile application.  Be sure to speak to your tax preparer to see if any of these fees can be deducted as a charitable donation.

Volunteer Program

This is a volunteer program, and as such, you will need to factor in not only the program fee above but your airfare and your health insurance.

It is hard to calculate your spending money requirements, so think about any additional meals and travel during your time in Tenerife.

What's Included

  • A comfortable, safe place to live in Tenerife. We put 2 camp counselors per host family.
  • Airport pickup during specified times. If flights do not arrive during the arrival time, precise information will be provided on how to reach the accommodations.  (Cost of transportation, if outside of specified times, is not included.)
  • Formal orientation in Tenerife before camp begins.
  • A camp counselor position guaranteed.
  • Breakfast and dinner with your host family.
  • Some camps may provide lunch. We will let you know about lunch at your camp 30-days before departure.

What's Not Included

  • Your flight to Tenerife.
  • Any Visa fee as you enter Spain, although you do enter as a tourist and so there should be no fees.
  • Meals when you travel or go out on your own.
  • Spending money for personal expenses, when you travel or optional activities.
  • International insurance with 24-hour emergency assistance services for US permanent residents. (Available at an additional cost). 

Application Process

After you make sure that you meet the camp counselor qualifications, the next step is to apply.

Click this button:

Apply Today

1.  Submit the online application along with the deposit.
2.  You'll receive a link for a supplemental form and additional materials to submit.
3. We work with our partner in Spain to match you with a well-screened host family.
4. We'll email you the host family information.
6. Find and purchase your flights.
7.  Arrange your international health insurance.
8.  If you need a visa, please arrange for your visa.
9.  Fly to Spain and then Tenerife and begin your summer camp program and cultural experience as a summer camp counselor!


Please call us on +1 (203) 453-5838 if you have questions.

We are asked the same questions each day, so we hope this page of Frequently Asked Questions will be helpful to you. Anyone in our office can answer your questions anytime you call. We want you to made informed decisions and we will be happy to talk to you anytime.

How does GeoVisions choose the host families and location?

Host families have usually hosted before. They are screened by our local office right in Tenerife. A double shared room in a local family is provided. Host families reside in north or south of the island of Tenerife. You will have breakfast and dinner with your host family each day.

Does GeoVisions provide materials to help me be successful? How am I supported?

Counselors have an orientation in Tenerife prior to beginning camp.

Can I choose my location?

The location for this camp is set in the Canary Islands, Spain. There are 7 islands in the chain, and Tenerife is the most populated of the 7 islands.

Can I go with a friend and live with my friend?

Yes and Yes!

We need 10 counselors for each session, and so the more the merrier! You live two counselors per host family, so you certainly can room with your friend.

How Do I Fly To Tenerife?

If you first fly to Madrid or Barcelona, you will find between 5 and 10 flights per day to Tenerife.

Ryan Air is the cheapest connection, but Air Europa, Iberia Express and Vueling are also flying from both airports.

Can I arrive early (or stay later) and visit Morocco?

Check this site: 

This company has weekly connections to Morocco if you want to visit there before or after your camp counselor experience. Our office in Tenerife can provide assistance if you like.


Here are a handful of photos to give you a sense of this program.

You can also find more photos, stories, and video through our Facebook Page, Instagram and YouTube channels and our Blog.

As you view more photos and video, consider the program benefits. A second home with new friends, becoming more independent and confident, improving your Italian since you're now living as a local and helping your community and the students at the language camp realize their goals of speaking English. Add an international reference to your resume which helps with future job applications because of your experience teaching English in a summer language camp in Italy and you're ahead of the game.