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The program is designed to provide plenty of time to explore Thailand, explore the culture and cuisine.

Travel with other summer camp counselors all over Thailand during your time away from the camps.

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positions open for the 2023 Session (out of 10)
Camp Begins June 27, 2023


As a summer camp counselor in Thailand, by teaching English during day camps, you will give many children an opportunity to learn an important skill that they can use to better their lives.

Becoming a summer camp counselor in Thailand is not only highly rewarding, but it’s also a lot of fun. In Thailand, GeoVisions’ language camps provide English language education to disadvantaged youth.  This gives them an opportunity to learn an important skill that they can use to better their lives. These language camps mostly take place in and around schools.  Students are offered a chance to practice their English in a more creative setting of activities and learning that make the day a lot more fun.

During the camp days, you will participate in many creative activities using art and music with the children.  You will also have time for plenty of exercise playing soccer during activity time.  It’s the Thai kids’ favorite sport.

Counselors will have an online prep course.  



As a "thank you gift" from the camps, expect approximately US$100-$150 in local currency.


Four weeks.


Not included. You will enter on the "O" visa for volunteers. GeoVisions will help you with this process. The current cost for this visa is $80 US. The "O" visa is good for 90-days.

Start Dates


  • May 2
  • June 27


  • January 2
  • May 1
  • June 26
  • July 24


  • Summer camp counselors must be native English speakers.
  • Counselors need to have a college degree or be in college, have one of the following requirements:  teaching experience, camp counselor experience, or teaching English as a second language certificate.
  • Be in good health.
  • Have good lesson planning and organization skills.
  • Skills in sports, music, singing, etc are extremely helpful.
  • Share your language with the language camp. It’s easy doing this in a summer camp in Thailand teaching English.
  • Be on time for camp each day.
  • Manage your own personal expenses (telephone bills, clothing, entertainment, and spending money).

Program Location

Arrive in Bangkok and then transfer for orientation.



You will receive "thank you gift" of approximately US$100-150, in local currency.

GeoVisions-4cprocessThe fee you pay to be a language camp counselor in Thailand goes to our 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity, The GeoVisions Foundation.  The program donation for this experience covers our costs of placing you on the program in a safe apartment and neighborhood. The fee helps our non-profit to provide your accommodation, some meals, pre-departure & in-country support.  We update our tutor materials and tutoring aids constantly and provide a real ESL Teacher who is here via email to give you personalized assistance if you feel you need ideas. You are supported from the moment you contact us to the time you return … and beyond, through our active Alumni Community.

Be sure to speak to your tax preparer to see if any of these fees can be deducted as a charitable donation.

Volunteer Program

This is a volunteer program, and as such, you will need to factor in not only the program fee above, but your airfare and your insurance.

It is hard to calculate your spending money requirements, so think about any additional meals and travel during your time in Thailand.

What's Included

  • A comfortable, safe place to live in Thailand.
  • Airport pickup during specified dates.
  • Orientation.
  • Counselors will have the opportunity to help disadvantaged Thai youth learn an extremely important skill of speaking English.
  • Accommodations are provided and based on double occupancy. Counselors will be placed with another counselor of the same gender. Counselors must pay electricity and water charges.
  • Counselors receive transportation and accommodation when traveling and conducting camps in different regions.

What's Not Included

  • Flights.
  • Visa.
  • Dinners and all meals when not at camp.
  • Accommodations before or after the program.
  • Extra luggage fees.
  • Entertainment.
  • International insurance with 24-hour emergency assistance services for US permanent residents. (Available at an additional cost). 


Please call us on +1 (203) 453-5838 if you have questions.

We are asked the same questions each day, so we hope this page of Frequently Asked Questions will be helpful to you. Anyone in our office can answer your questions anytime you call. We want you to made informed decisions and we will be happy to talk to you anytime.

How does GeoVisions choose the location of the camps?

Camps are normally run from a local school and as part of a school day. Schools apply in advance to be considered for a visit by GeoVisions counselors.

What can I expect as a camp counselor in Thailand?

Counselors will arrive in Bangkok and check into accommodations for orientation.

Counselors will travel to different schools and locations throughout Thailand and participate in English camps for disadvantaged children. 

What are the expectations we have of our camp counselors?

  • Work daily at each camp location plus one day which includes a school visit and camp preparation.
  • Show care with the children; interact with them in a professional manner.
  • Be respectful of GeoVisions’ rules and requirements, as well as the local culture.
  • Follow the detailed rules set out in the GeoVisions Terms and Conditions document, which must be signed and returned before beginning the camp program.

Can I go with a friend and live with my friend?

Yes and Yes!

We need a total of 10 counselors so the more the merrier! You live in an apartment, so you certainly can room with your friend(s). And it will give you someone to travel with when you're not at a camp.

Is there a formal orientation?

Yes. GeoVisions provides a 2-day orientation program in Hua Hin, Thailand that covers Thai language, culture, and society.  There is also one day or “hands-on” experience.

What about room and board? Is that included?

  • Included throughout the program. Counselors will live in modern accommodations that include Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, and are convenient to our offices and campus. The accommodations provided are based on double occupancy.

  • 3 breakfasts and 2 lunches are included during orientation. All meals are included while at the camps. When you're not at a camp your meals are not provided.


Here are a handful of photos to give you a sense of this program.

You can also find more photos, stories, and video through our Facebook Page, Instagram and YouTube channels and our Blog.

As you view more photos and video, consider the program benefits. A second home with new friends, becoming more independent and confident, improving your beginning Thai since you're now living as a local and helping your community and the students at the language camp realize their goals of speaking English. Add an international reference to your resume which helps with future job applications because of your experience teaching English in a summer language camp in Thailand and you're ahead of the game.