Flexible Internship/Career Development Options

This is a full 12-week department-focused internship/career development program. Depending on your professional needs, you can turn this into a "modular" program. Modular programs incorporate up to 3 departments in 4-week blocks, allowing flexibility in choosing the experience you need for your internship or for the program you design for your career development.

An Example Of Your Program Structure

12-Week Department Focused

In addition to regular daily tasks, these are the key aims of each week for the duration of the program.

  • Week One Orientation Week

  • Week Two Initial Training and Development

  • Week Three Major Project Research

  • Week Four Major Project Pitch

  • Weeks Five to Six Developing Major Project

  • Week Seven Major Project Pitch

  • Weeks Eight to Ten Major Project Implementation and Monitoring

  • Week Eleven Developing Final Report and Presentation

  • Week Twelve Final Report Submission + Presentation to Senior Management Team

Major Projects

Major projects are unique to you. We will task you a SWOT analysis of your chosen department, followed up by developing SMART goals. Once a SMART plan has been developed, this will be used to create a project that utilizes skills you have, or skills that you want to enhance. Full training and guidance will be given throughout. Your SMART plan will be presented to the senior management team via PowerPoint. Once your plan has been implemented, you will be responsible for monitoring its efficacy, submitting a regular analysis, using this data to inform your final report and presentation to the senior management team. Previous examples of major projects:

  • Local fundraising projects

  • Implementation of new educational approaches

  • Marketing video projects and procedures

  • Web traffic analysis and SEO enhancements