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Conversation Partner Italy-Two Volunteer Blogs

Robin Vaughn is an amazing cook, an amazing teacher and an amazing traveler. GeoVisions is so lucky to have Robin in Italy right now living with a host family and helping Italian teachers there teach English. Robin will be in Italy February, March and April.
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Conversation Corps-Italy. What One Tutor Experienced

Yet another Blog post from a member of the Conversation Corps. Wow. What a program.
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Volunteer Abroad Returnees: Coming Home or Going to Volunteer Again?

A few days ago I wrote a Blog post about a volunteer (Daniel Jackson) who returned home only to start up his own non-profit and find new ways to assist the medical clinic where he volunteered for with GeoVisions in Peru.
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Teach Abroad With Conversation Corps-Italy And Save Up To $370

on Wed, Sep 09, 2009 By | Randy LeGrant | 2 Comments | Conversation Corps-Italy
GeoVisions has 3 families in Italy in need of quick tutors.  To fill this void we have lowered the Conversation Corps-Italy fee.  Save $175 on a 30-day assignment.  Save $265 on a 60-day assignment.  And save $370 on a 90-day assignment.
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