GeoVisions Foundation History

Since 2001

We set the standard

GeoVisions was founded in 2001 as a US State Dept. designated Summer Work and Travel sponsor. In 2006 GeoVisions founded The GeoVisions Foundation, responsible for sending volunteers, teachers, tutors and au pairs abroad. The GeoVisions Foundation is located in Guilford, Connecticut. The Foundation is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) public charity supporting global volunteer abroad efforts and work abroad opportunities. Donations to the GeoVisions Foundation are tax exempt.

Guilford, Connecticut is a small, shoreline community in southern Connecticut founded in 1639.  Stone quarried from our town has been used in the building of the Statue of Liberty, and the Brooklyn Bridge. The Guilford town green covers 6 acres, and we're proud to say that our GeoVisions Foundation office sits across from that historical green. Our office building was built in 1750. We sit 15 minutes from Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, 2 hours from Boston (and Fenway Park, home of our beloved Boston Red Sox) and 90 minutes from New York City. A mile down the road is the Guilford Harbor, hosting everyday working Lobster boats and Faulkner's Island and Light House.

People have a love affair with adventure. Some of us feel in our shoes what we all hear in our souls. The romance of the traveler is not the wild places of the world. It's in the wilderness of spirit. It makes no difference where it takes you. The importance lies in the road you took to get there, explore the trails you never thought possible and live where you are in this moment, place and time. Randy LeGrant, Executive Director of GeoVisions Foundation

Our Board leaders have collectively spent over 117 years in International Education and Cultural Exchange.

Kevin Morgan has created, marketed and managed education and exchange programs since 1974. He has experience in study abroad for US university students, high school educational travel, continuing education, homestay programs in the US, high school exchange worldwide, work and training programs in over fifteen countries, and volunteer activities around the globe. He has lived in the United States, Hong Kong, and Sydney.

Randy LeGrant brings his forty-two years of experience in international education and study abroad. Randy’s experience began in 1976 as a high school teacher accompanying high school students and adults abroad for four years.  From 1979 to 1989 he marketed and managed high school and college study abroad programs in 12 countries with AIFS.  Since then, Randy has managed and provided programming for educational homestays and travel programs in twenty-five different countries.  He has lived in the U.S. and the UK.

Michael DiMauro began his career as an Intern for the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). In 2005, Mike was appointed Senior Vice President, to the AIFS, Inc. Board of Directors and became a Trustee with the AIFS Foundation.  He became the Chief Marketing Officer of the AIFS Group and was the manager of the Information Technology unit in the US Headquarters. In 2014, Mike founded LPI Learning in New Haven, Connecticut. LPI Learning programs include Study in the USA and Renzulli Creativity Programs, Agent Au Pair, USA, and the Renzulli Learning System (SAAS). Always enthusiastic, decisive and ‘hands-on’, Mike and his family have been avid supporters of cultural exchange and international education.  They have hosted six au pairs, a high school exchange student and three of their children have attended summer camps staffed by international camp counselors.

Lobster boats sitting the Guilford Harbor near the GeoVisions Foundation office.
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