Why We Do What We Do

Travel With A Purpose ... Make A Difference ... Do Good

Our reasons for traveling have changed over the years. The GeoVisions Foundation is constantly examining our purpose so we can articulate why we do what we do. Why we get out of bed in the morning, why our company even exists and why that should matter to anyone else.

We have learned since our founding in 2001, through the history of The GeoVisions Foundation, that many travelers expect to volunteer abroad in the country they visit. Also, they want to work there, too. Furthermore, when they return home, they expect — and are reaping — tangible personal and professional benefits from their time abroad.

When I started recognizing the people at my subway stop, or when the waiters in the cafe near my host family started to hand me my coffee when I came in -- those were the times I started realizing that my host community was my home. And that was the most beautiful feeling of all.Sara Peterson, English Tutor - Spain

In scenarios much like the one above, our participants are looking for a specific kind of immersion — one that is about making a kind of (temporary) home within the culture they’ve chosen to experience.

I wanted something real, something authentic. I wanted to get to know the locals and improve my Italian. I wanted to wake up everyday and feel a connection. I made a difference in my community and host family.Brian Fergusson, Volunteer English Teacher - Italy

GeoVisions confirms our “Why” by talking to each person on our programs.  It no longer matters what they do; it matters why they do it.  Making bigger memories, filling journals with photos and inspiring and sharable content.  Sharing all of that with the world.

Many prospective travelers have asked us why 90% of our programs are volunteer teach abroad as well as paid teach abroad. Volunteering and working abroad can help with language skills and cultural knowledge. More importantly, they can aid poor communities and bring a measure of cultural diffusion and international cooperation to many parts of the world.

Our participants are very articulate that their program is about more than what they get in their host community or with their host family. It’s about what they can bring back.

Even Apple reminds us every day, “From one gift comes many.”

Our participants travel for authentic and unique experiences that can help them accelerate personally and professionally. In a globalized economy, employers want to see global immersion.

Start with "why" in everything you do. If you know your "why" the "what" will appear before your eyes.Michael DiMauro, Deputy Executive Director - GeoVisions Foundation

GeoVisions was founded in 2001. The GeoVisions Foundation was founded in 2006. Our leaders bring over 120 years of combined experience in international education and cultural exchange. At the same time, we’re young enough to know what’s needed in the twenty-first century and old enough to have learned what’s not needed. As one of our Founders recently said, “Sometimes it isn’t what’s “in the cloud” but what’s “below the cloud” that makes the difference.”

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