What Is The J-1 Visiting Teacher Program?

Visiting Teacher 101

Teaching is an admirable profession with unlimited potential to influence and impact young lives. Beyond teaching basic learning curriculum, an exchange teacher has a unique ability to broaden students’ world view by introducing new perspectives and teaching methodologies. This program transforms classrooms into fertile ground for more than textbook learning and exposes both teachers and students to new ideas, cultures and thinking. The J-1 Teacher Exchange program brings teachers from outside the United States to spend up to three years gaining exposure to American teaching methods while host schools bring a fresh perspective and valuable viewpoints into U.S. classrooms.

Teacher exchanges enable educators to shape young people’s perspective of the world.  Exchange teachers can have a very positive role in influencing inquisitive minds. This helps students become the next generation of positive change agents and leaders. Participating teachers bring interactive teaching practices to their students and colleagues.  These build critical thinking skills, inquiry and analytical approach that foster good citizenship. You can read about becoming a Visiting Teacher here.

School Districts

Do you represent a school or school district located in the United States with an interest or need in hiring teachers? We have a description of the program and the requirements to hire a J-1 Visa Exchange Teacher.  You can read about the program here.  The US Department of State regulates these requirements.

J1 Teach & Books

Teacher Candidates

Are you a teacher with interest in coming to the United States to teach full time? You can read about the J-1 Visa requirements for teachers here.  The US Department of State regulates the requirements for teachers for this program. As your official J-1 sponsor, GeoVisions will help you get all of your documents together so US school districts can evaluate your qualifications to teach in their schools.