Real Experiences.
Real Awesome.

Travel with a purpose. Make a difference.

Reward yourself with a working holiday in Thailand, France, Italy and 10 other countries.

It's like a gap program for grownups and grads.

Take The First Step


Apply.  We'll reach out to you within one business day to confirm receipt of your application and to provide a list of required supporting documents based on your program choice. Items may include a résumé, motivation letter, medical release and photo.


Once we have the required documents, we'll send your file to our office overseas for placement. We follow up on its progress daily. We eat far too many cookies waiting for the good news.


Schedule A Call


When your file is accepted by our overseas office, you're guaranteed a placement. We'll call you and shout and dance around with you. (And eat another cookie.) At this step, you'll receive your salary and benefits offer (unless you’re volunteering), your work location and hours, and if you’re a tutor, all the details of your host family. If a special visa is needed, we will be your guide. Skype with your host school or host family, and just get comfy knowing you’re about to head off on an adventure that will change your life.

Safety And Security

"I'm an adult with a college degree, but still my parents want to know I'm going to be safe." Health and safety is our priority. For our participants, their families, hosts and staff. All placements and all overseas staff are screened and vetted. Overseas projects are evaluated with our six-page site inspection checklist.

Quality Of Real Life Experiences

"Having access to former participants helped me set accurate expectations."  Listen to our Alumni stories and you'll realize how much value there is in a GeoVisions Foundation experience. Talk to them by phone, read their blog posts, watch their videos. Every program page includes a detailed review section, compiled by YotPo, an independent review company.

Experienced People

"The moment I found your website I could tell there was both quality and passion implemented into the programs." Commitment and longevity is our strength. Our newest employee was hired 6 years ago. Our own family and friends have participated in our programs. Real people, real experiences, real awesome.

Travel And Change Lives