Travel And Change Lives

Get paid to Teach English Abroad
Or Au Pair Abroad

Volunteer To Tutor English Abroad
Or Be A Language Camp Counselor

Reward yourself with a Working Vacation in
Thailand, France, Italy and
10 other countries!

Travel. Get Paid. Change Lives

Reward yourself with a working vacation for 1-12 months. Teach English in six countries. Be an au pair in 10 countries. Earn a good salary while having the time (and money) to travel the world and make a lasting difference in so many lives.

Volunteer Abroad

Volunteer to teach English in Italy and Costa Rica as a classroom assistant. If you want to relive your summer camp days, become a language camp counselor in either China, Italy or Thailand next summer. Want to live like a local? Easy peasy. Tutor conversational English to host families in China, France, Germany, Italy or Spain. 

Make A Difference

Are you looking for an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives? An alternative to the traditional post-graduate employment path? GeoVisions’ unique experiences abroad are woven into the fabric of your daily life. Reward yourself. Take a month to a year and change your life forever.

Travel. Change Lives.

GeoVisions' 3-Step Plan

We get it. Taking a month, a semester or an academic year can seem daunting. Who will look after my cat? Will I need to sublet my apartment? What about my monthly bills?

If you set up a time to talk over what worries you most, you'll find we're the best listeners. With GeoVisions Foundation as your guide, we'll help you find solutions to your concerns, and we'll help you focus on what brought you here in the first place.

Schedule An Introduction

We can learn more about you. This step alone can help you stop wasting time and then save some money. Discover a simple process that enables you to travel and make a difference in the world. Let us know your goals and what worries you about doing this. We're great listeners and problem solvers.


If, after all of your research, you want to make a difference abroad with the GeoVisions Foundation, it's time to apply. If you've made it to this step, you're in good company. We're small and picky. Not everyone gets an application sent to them.

 Let's Create Your Plan

Together we'll develop the travel strategies that you can implement when you're ready. We'll provide guidance now and in the future. Together we'll clear out the mess and complexity. This is supposed to be fun. GeoVisions.yeah!

Safety And Security

"I'm an adult with a college degree, but still my parents want to know I'm going to be safe." All placements and all overseas staff are screened and vetted.

Quality Of Real Life Experiences

"Having access to former participants helped me set accurate expectations."  Listen to our Alumni stories and you'll realize how much value there is in a GeoVisions Foundation experience. Talk to them by phone, read their blog posts, watch their videos.

Experienced People

"The moment I found your website I could tell there was both quality and passion implemented into the programs." Commitment and longevity is our strength. Real people, real experiences, real awesome.