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We're like a gap program for grownups and grads!

Travel. Get Paid. Change Lives

Reward yourself with a working vacation for 1-12 months. Teach English in six countries. Be an au pair in 10 countries. Earn a good salary while having the time (and money) to travel the world and make a lasting difference in so many lives.

Volunteer Abroad

Volunteer to teach English in Italy and Costa Rica as a classroom assistant. If you want to relive your summer camp days, become a language camp counselor in either China, Italy or Thailand next summer. Want to live like a local? Easy peasy. Tutor conversational English to host families in China, France, Germany, Italy or Spain.

Make A Difference

Are you looking for an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives? An alternative to the traditional post-graduate employment path? GeoVisions’ unique experiences abroad are woven into the fabric of your daily life. Reward yourself. Take a month to a year and change your life forever.

Travel. Change Lives.

Just Be ...





People (like you) have a love affair with international travel programs.

Some feel it in our shoes, but we all hear it in our souls. It compels us to tap into our curiosity and seek out new horizons. The need to travel provides the chance to navigate down streams of culture that become tributaries in the great river of humanity.

But the real magic of the journey is more than the exhilaration of crossed borders. It’s the empowerment within when you teach abroad or volunteer abroad.  Experiences (#SeekExperiences) become part of our being. 

It becomes old stamps and weathered passports. Campfires. Sunsets. Deserts. And unseen oceans.

The romance of the traveler is not in the wild places of the world.  It’s in the wilderness of spirit.  It makes no difference where it takes you. The importance lies in the road you took to get there.  Whether that road is paved with a graveled desert path or filled with spring water, the stroke of our paddle moves us closer.

We feel the call of the road.  So embrace the world and all the adventure it has to offer.  Explore the trails you never thought possible.  And live where you are in this moment, place and time.  Because it’s time to rejoice.  Your journey has just begun.  

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