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Our Mobile App

Interact, Download, Connect

When you are accepted, download our mobile app. Our mobile app is updated weekly with new information, your pre-departure materials, program-specific information to use when you're abroad and other helpful information.

You can even check in and then connect with other GeoVisions participants. Get helpful ideas from those on the ground at the same time as you. Meet up for weekend travel companions.

Stay in touch with our Global Headquarters 24/7. Whether you need help or some advice ... we're here communicating with you the way you're used to communicating with everyone else. Right on your mobile device.

Key Features:

Contact GeoVisions

Let us know how we can help you. Even when you're out and about, we are only a button away. No need to wait until you get home. It's hard to imagine you're going to be without your mobile phone. Reach out ... we're here 24/7.

Check In And Connect

Check in when you download the app. Check in when you arrive overseas. Anyone who checks in can connect with you, and you them. Use this feature to reach out for advice and ideas or to meet up with someone for your weekend travel.

Community Interactions

Communicate with other GeoVisions participants. Moreover, you can also receive messages from the GeoVisions headquarters. If there are travel issues, updated materials loaded to the app or holiday reminders ... you will receive alerts on your mobile device just like you're used to normally.

Pre-departure Updates

Why print and take mounds of paper with you? All current pre-departure, arrival and orientation materials are loaded right into the app ... and that means you can use the app even if you don't have access to WiFi.

Helpful Current Travel Information

When we are alerted to changes at airports, transportation issues or a change in your orientation, we will alert you by using our mobile app.

Sharing Made Simple

You can share photos you take right on the app. Some participants share places to eat and drink along with other information that makes travel a little easier. Moreover, you can also share your thoughts, photos, and videos to our social media pages by pressing one button. After all, when people share travel photos and information, we all benefit.

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