Charity/NGO Career Development Programs and Internships in Thailand

Intake dates monthly

Take a paid internship abroad and earn a monthly stipend with free housing.


This is an opportunity to make a real difference while enhancing your professional skill set in two ways:

  • A non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of stray animals in Thailand
  • An organization committed to providing English education to those in Thailand that do not have access to it.
  • You can choose one of these plans or using our Flexible Internship/Career Development Options, combine your internship into modules.

No matter which NGO you choose for your internship, this is the perfect opportunity to work with an international NGO, learning how to manage and market for causes close to people's heart. A great alternative to international study abroad.

Your internship is comprised of:

  • Choose Management or Marketing in one of the two NGOs. 
  • If you choose Marketing, you will develop a marketing strategy across the organization.
  • If your internship is in the animal rescue NGO, develop International animal adoption management/facilitation.
  • Create newsletters.
  • Website management/development.
  • Social media management and engagement.
  • Marketing content development/procurement.
  • Fundraising campaign management.
  • Work with the local community, developing educational campaigns to create awareness.

Experience in non-profits and NGOs can be a great stepping stone for psychology, law, and government careers. Take the first step toward a better resume and a life-changing international internship.




Twelve weeks, including orientation.


Enter on the "O" visa. Visas can be taken care of in advance of arriving in Thailand. GeoVisions will supply you with the support documents to apply for your visa in advance.

Am I Eligible To Apply?

You are eligible to apply if you meet the following requirements:

  • Age 18+.
  • Relevant experience will strengthen your application.
  • Be motivated and disciplined to succeed in an internship thousands of miles from home.
  • An adventurous attitude and strong flexibility are a must.

Start Dates

For 2019
Sep 23
Oct 21
Nov 18
Dec 23

For 2020:
Jan 20
Feb 17
Mar 23
Apr 20
May 8
June 22



Taking an internship abroad and developing your career is a great investment in your future. The fee you pay to be an intern in Thailand goes to our 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity, The GeoVisions Foundation. Be sure to speak to your tax preparer to see if any of these fees can be deducted as a charitable donation.

Would paying the fee over time be helpful? The GeoVisions Foundation will work with you to set up an Installment Plan if it helps to budget and pay for your Internship and career development plans. The amount and number of payments depend on the time of enrollment and program start date. Unlike other organizations, there is no interest or extra fees for the installment plan and it requires an auto-payment choice. Contact your Admissions Counselor for details. It's easy and we're happy to help.

If you are earning credit for your internship, you may be able to use your existing financial aid package through your university. Speak with your financial aid office and your GeoVisions Foundation Admissions Counselor for more details.

Paid Internship

If you're looking for a paid internship abroad, both of these internships pay a $160 per month living stipend. It doesn't sound like much. Prices below at 30THB per $1. Consider:

  • Typical street meal: $1.00
  • Beer: $1.50
  • Food for a month you can cook: $150
  • Weekend to an island: $35/day for transport, accommodation, meals, and entertainment.
  • 1.5-liter bottle of water: 50 cents.
  • Sit-down nice Thai meal: $3.00.

Your accommodation is covered in your fee above.

What's Included

  • A 12-week intensive internship/career development program, offering flexibility across multiple departments.
  • Extensive training and support throughout the program.
  • Turn your internship into three, 4-week modules using our Flexible Internship/Career Development Plan.
  • $160 monthly living stipend.
  • Thai language, culture, and history lessons.
  • Introductory Muay Thai class.
  • Meditate with a monk at a local Buddhist temple. Learn about their religion and soak in the tranquil surroundings.
  • An experienced U.S. based GeoVisions Program Manager who will serve as your coordinator and liaison with our in-country staff in Thailand.
  • Important documents, including pre-departure packs, orientation information, and all in-country informational materials.
  • Team events and activities.
  • Accommodation (shared basis).
  • Sim card.
  • T-Shirt.
  • Airport pick-up.
  • Letter of recommendation.
  • Detailed transcript of work and project accomplished, along with total hours spent on projects and the total program.
  • 40-hour orientation experience, one that is designed to help you acclimate to your new home for 12 weeks. All of our orientation experiences include lectures in culture and politics, language lessons, and meetings with your internship mentors.

What's Not Included

  • Flights.
  • Medical insurance if you're not from the US.
  • Meals. Budget around $300 per month for food, depending on your standard of living.
  • Local transportation.
  • Visa costs for the "O" visa.
  • Entertainment.

Application Process

Apply Today


Please call us on +1 (203) 453-5838 if you have questions.

We are asked the same questions each day, so we hope this page of Frequently Asked Questions will be helpful to you. Anyone in our office can answer your questions anytime you call. We want you to make informed decisions and we will be happy to talk to you anytime.

Are the internships paid?

Some are. They will be clearly noted what the monthly stipend will be.

Is there a program deposit or application fee?

There is no application fee. Rather, we collect a $350 program deposit to assure our host employers that you are a serious candidate. After applying for an internship, your program deposit secures your place in our program so we can begin working on the placement process. Your deposit is deducted from the program fee.

If you'd like to budget the program fee and pay it out over time, we can help you arrange that. We do not charge a fee for that service, and there is no interest added. While the fee has to be paid before you depart, you can pay over time until you leave by setting up a plan with us.

How much free time will I have?

Outside of your internship hours, your nights and weekends belong to you. You are free to explore your host city, country, and continent, as you’d like. Many of the internships offer planned social events and excursions on weekends and evenings. We encourage all of our participants to fully embrace all that each city has to offer and travel as much as possible during their free time.

Will my employer offer me a job?

We have had interns who were offered full-time employment upon completion of their internship. This would be entirely up to the placement company and would be organized directly with you. Use your time wisely and work hard to make excellent contacts while interning abroad that could help open doors to future employment.

Do I have to be a US citizen to participate?

No. Simply check the eligibility requirements for each internship and be mindful to the various visa requirements and restrictions. 


Here are a handful of photos to give you a sense of this program.

You can also find more photos, stories, and video through our Facebook PageInstagram and YouTube channels and our Blog.

As you view more photos and video, consider the program benefits. A second home with new friends, becoming more independent and confident, improving your Thai since you're now living as a local and helping your community and students realize their goals of speaking English. Add an international reference to your resume which helps with future job applications because of your experience teaching English in a community in Thailand and you're ahead of the game.

What Our Participants Say (Click to see all reviews on

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 12.40.16 PM-1

This program was not only a month of fun, touring, teaching, and excitement, but one that really opened my eyes to the world around us. The program kept us going and experiencing all that Thailand had. We did everything you could think to do during our time there. Teaching the kids was an incredibly rewarding experience and I will never forget the joy on their faces seeing us at the school every morning. I loved how we also worked with organizations to help them solve real problems that they are dealing with and help them with the solution implementation - the "fieldwork" set-up went beyond sitting in a classroom and working on a case study. They program had the perfect balance of work and play! We got to tour the area, enjoy the food, and culture that Thailand is! Leaving was definitely hard and I hope to return soon.

Jessica, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 12.40.16 PM-1

Thailand is an incredible country, and through my program I had an amazing opportunity to gain experience teaching and provide a wide range of English skills to my students. As long as you have an open mind, and aren't afraid of occasionally feeling awkward with not only a language barrier, but a cultural barrier, there's no shortage of new experiences and adventures you can have! During my time here, I found most Thai people are appreciative of the fact that you're putting in the effort to even learn the language. A great way to help you learn about your host country is by visiting the many beautiful temples. I have done this in both Chiang Mai and Bangkok and felt it helped me to understand the rich culture and history of Thailand. I have had incredible support from the beginning of my program, from teaching strategies to feeling safe exploring on my own. During my free time I have even been able to attend music festivals and visit Pai, Khao Yai, down south on the islands. There's certainly no shortage of adventure in Thailand!

Kara B., 2018

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 12.43.48 PM-1

"I have been able to meet a lot of friendly people that will go WAY out of their way to help me. You just have to use your extra best judgement to know who is worth your time and who is not. And don't overcompensate for being a foreigner by smiling and being extra friendly (as a female).There are a lot of opportunities to travel. I have yet to see Phuket, but have been to Phung Nga and Koh Luk.I have a broken arm and the cast won't come off until the end of the month (hopefully), so until then I won't be doing much traveling. After a few more months I think I will head up north to check out some of the areas up that way. I am considering volunteering in an elephant sanctuary for a few months before leaving Thailand. So while teaching is going really well, so is the opportunity to experience all Thailand has to offer."

Samantha R., 2018

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 12.43.48 PM-1

I had an amazing experience teaching in Thailand, the school, children, and community I was in was absolutely wonderful! Everything about Thailand is breath taking and amazing!!

Jeena, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 12.40.16 PM-1

"The experience is ultimately what you make of it. I'm 33 years old with 11 years of urban teaching experience, and teaching in Thailand was just what I needed. I was growing tired of the increased pressure, and generally toxic culture that has been plaguing urban education for the last decade. I needed a change of pace, a different perspective, and a newfound sense of appreciation for the profession. My Thai experience provided all of it. But as anyone with enough teaching experience knows-- flexibility is key. I was placed in a nice small city between near central Thailand with just the right balance of rural and urban. My school staff was welcoming, supportive, and simply excited to share their home culture. Teaching methods, schedules, and norms were a bit different but also refreshing. I quickly adapted and adjusted; learning to let go of your norms and going with the flow helped ease the transition. Students on campus were incredibly welcoming and respectful throughout, even if I wasn't their teacher. I was exposed to a level of respect and appreciation that I forgot existed. Overall, the experience was quite different from the westernized norms we've grown accustomed to. But if you are flexible, open to new experiences, and willing to break away from your comfort zone, you may find that the journey is just what you need to help you rebalance your life."

Abel, 2018