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"Kind of like a Gap program for grownups and grads."

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"Half of your travel journey will be about the people, and the Korean tribe are a joy to be among." ~ Lonely Planet

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Many of us look for an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. Still others look for an alternative to the traditional post-graduate employment path. Teach English in South Korea with GeoVisions, and weave those opportunities into the fabric of your daily life. GeoVisions offers paid teaching positions for university graduates or current classroom teachers looking to share their language and culture while immersing themselves in new communities around the world.

English is the international language for commerce and industry. As a native English speaker you can become an asset to educational establishments by improving the standard of English in Korea. You will also be enriching the lives of your students and helping your new host community.

Most teaching positions are Elementary levels through middle school. GeoVisions places teachers with highly selective private language schools and schools run by the Korean government as well as English Village and International Schools located in South Korea.

South Korea is a dynamic, advanced country in a class of its own. Korea is a choice destination for an English teacher because the demand for English instruction is well-developed. There is an emphasis on English education placed on the youth in Korean society. Students are genuinely motivated to learn English. Ultimately, English ability can make the difference between a good life and an ordinary existence for much of the population in South Korea.




One-year contract required.


Not Included. You will receive forms you need to apply for your E2 visa.  GeoVisions and our partner abroad are able to provide guidance on obtaining your visa.  Please begin looking at the visa requirements from the specific country’s government website for details. 


  • Minimum of a Bachelors Degree from an accredited university in the U.S. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain or Ireland.
  • Must be a citizen of one of the above mentioned countries.
  • Must be a native English speaker.
  • Must be in good physical and mental health.
  • No criminal record.
  • Must be between 21 and 40.
  • No experience necessary. In fact, schools prefer that you have less than five years of teaching experience if you have been teaching.
  • You do not need to know any Korean.
  • Teaching certificate and experience preferred but not required.
  • For degree holders, any degree welcomed but preference given to education and English majors.
  • Positions are for one-year contracts, available on an ongoing basis.
  • Completion of a TESOL or TEFL course is very helpful and may earn you a higher salary, but it is not required.

Start Dates

New semesters begin in March and September.  We do have openings each month, so teachers can apply anytime during the year.

If you have only 1, 2 or 3 months, consider our summer paid teach program in Thailand, or our volunteer teach programs in Italy or Costa Rica.




The fee you pay to teach in South Korea goes to our 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity, The GeoVisions Foundation. The program donation for this experience covers our costs of local screening of potential host schools in South Korea; assisting you with the process of compiling the documents you will need to collect for your teaching position and guidance for the correct visa; and assistance in South Korea during your entire stay to make sure what you have agreed to is what really happens. This provides you a great deal of security and a social base to grow and enjoy your time in South Korea. If you are from the US, the fee also includes your travel and medical insurance.

We provide 24/7 emergency service, supported by real people. You are supported from the moment you contact us to the time you return … and beyond, through our active Alumni Community. Be sure to speak to your tax preparer to see if any of these fees can be deducted as a charitable donation. Also, ask your tax preparer about moving costs and if you can deduct those as well.

Salary and Benefits

This is teaching position in South Korea that involves teaching English in a real classroom in a real school. You will earn a full time teaching salary. Currently our teachers are earning from $1,800 to $3,000 USD per month, depending on their experience and location.

You should plan on working approximately 30-40 hours each week, which includes 22-30 hours of instruction each week. If you need to work overtime, you are compensated at $20/hr. USD.

Tax rate in South Korea is 3.5%, which is exempted for foreigners with the exception of Canadians. 4.5% of your salary is matched into the National Pension Plan and you will receive those funds at the end of your teaching assignment.

In-country orientation is included and normally conducted by the host school. 

One month salary is paid upon completion of your contract. Income tax is exempt unless you are Canadian. That rate is 3.5%. 4.5% of your salary is matched by the National Pension Plan and paid out at the end of the year. Your contract will include medical and dental coverage. When you depart South Korea after a year of teaching, you will receive a severance fee equal to one month's salary.

What's Included

  • Airport transfer to your school.
  • Job Placement.
  • An experienced U.S. based GeoVisions Program Manager who will serve as your coordinator and liaison with our in-country staff in South Korea.
  • Professional, locally-based staff to provide orientation, supervision and guidance throughout your stay.
  • Pre-departure assistance.
  • Travel and accident insurance along with emergency evacuation insurance for US permanent residents.
  • Important documents, including pre-departure packs, orientation information, and all in-country informational materials.
  • A toll-free 24-hour emergency hotline in the U.S.
  • International airfare (reimbursed from the school).
  • Work 30-40 hours a week, averaging 22-30 hours of in-class instruction.
  • Free housing, fully furnished accommodations.
  • 12 paid National holidays.
  • 10 days paid vacation on top of holidays.

What's Not Included

  • Meals.
  • Local transportation.
  • Visa costs.


Please call us on +1 (203) 453-5838 if you have questions.

We are asked the same questions each day, so we hope this page of Frequently Asked Questions will be helpful to you. Anyone in our office can answer your questions anytime you call. We want you to made informed decisions and we will be happy to talk to you anytime.

Why Is There A Placement Fee?

Over the years we have met teachers who have had horrible experiences when they think they are going into a fantastic overseas teaching job only to find out they are not going to a real school, but a corporate school and not a true International school. They have been caught in a signed contract without having visited the school or met the administrators. Where do they turn without a support team who’s only job is to look out for you?

At GeoVisions, we have pre-screened the school and the position and in most cases, we have placed teachers at that school before. We make sure you’re being paid the highest thank you gift from the school as possible. We provide a formal orientation, starting when we pick you up at the airport. You will meet other teachers just like you the day you arrive. Start enjoying the GeoVisions safety net immediately. We provide guidance with your visa, your formal documents and we make sure your new school is ready to receive you. 

Will Schools Hire Teachers That Are Age 50 Or Older?

21-45 years of age is the current limit.  If you are over 45, give us a call.  Sometimes we can place you … it just takes longer.

What are the mandatory documents I need to apply?

  • Original degree or letter of completion from university or college. 
  • Sealed transcripts
  • Passport
  • Government issued criminal background check
  • Letters of reference
  • TESOL or TEFL certification if you are certified
  • Resume and cover letter

What are the hours I will be teaching?

Working hours: 30 – 40 hours per week, averaging 22~30 hours of in-class instruction.
– Overtime (if applicable) is paid out at $20/hr. +

What do I do about my student loans?

Many of the teach abroad programs GeoVisions operates pay more than enough to take care of your student loans. Some pay enough to live comfortably, but depending on your monthly loan payment, it could be close.

GeoVisions will work with you to provide official documents from your school and from GeoVisions. But ultimately, it's going to come down to the loan provider to make the final determination.

Many participants end up putting their loans on forbearance if their salary doesn't leave them enough funds to cover their loans.

The teach abroad programs that pay the most and where teachers have consistently been able to stay current on student loans are in Taiwan, South Korea and in some instances, China.


Here are a handful of photos to give you a sense of this program.

You can also find more photos, stories, and video through our Facebook PageInstagram and YouTube channels and our Blog.

As you view more photos and video, consider the program benefits. A second home with new friends, becoming more independent and confident, improving your Korean since you're now living as a local and helping your community and students realize their goals of speaking English. Add an international reference to your resume which helps with future job applications because of your experience teaching English in a community in South Korea and you're ahead of the game.

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