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Travel. Make A Difference. Change Lives.

Travel. Get Paid. Change Lives.

Do something wonderful and adventurous that will change your life forever. Join a group of people from very different cultures coming together, learning from one another, and making positive connections.

Choose a way to travel where you will gain work experience, and do good all at the same time. A GeoVisions Foundation experience is an amazing chance to change lives for the better.

Experience another culture and see the world in a way no tourist can. Meet people, share ideas, and forge lasting friendships.

When you travel with GeoVisions, the type of travel you do makes you a productive, contributing member of society.

Make a smart investment in your future. Build a solid résumé as you travel. Employers of all kinds put a high value on international work experience. Learn how to navigate other cultures, adapt to new environments and cultures and meet the challenges of working independently. Strengthen your language and personal skills, and a form a broader view of the world – a valuable addition to any workplace.

Join us here! We're waiting!