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Hi Fellow Traveler,

Congratulations on choosing to embark on an incredible adventure with GeoVisions! My name is Alexandra, and I am the community manager who will be helping you to connect with our diverse and engaging social media community, as well as other GeoVisions participants and alumni. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me as you go along on your journey in a position overseas!

Will you help us build a movement?

If so, please follow @GeoVisions on Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter! Be sure to use #SeekExperiences in the caption of your photos you share - or you can email them directly to me if you aren’t active on social media. My email address is below. By doing so, you’ll be giving us permission to use these photos on our social feeds (don’t worry, we will protect your identity!)

At GeoVisions, we're all about creating a lasting impact, not only for you:

  • but for the community you will be immersed in,
  • and we believe that no landmark will beat a life-changing experience.

That is why we are launching our #SeekExperiences campaign on social media - and would love to feature any photos you take throughout your program on our social feeds. In order for this to happen, your photo will need to be close to 1 MB in size (smart phone cameras should produce high enough resolution) and of course, we’d like for you to use the hashtag #SeekExperiences on any of your social posts in which you would like GeoVisions to engage with. The point of this campaign is to inspire true change in the world - something we couldn’t imagine doing without you!

Fellow Traveler, I look forward to connecting with you further and sharing your journey with our growing community of change makers!

Happy adventuring,


Community Manager