3 Steps

The GeoVisions Success Plan

Schedule A Call
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Schedule An Introduction

Let's talk so that you can learn more about us and our unique process. This step alone can help you stop wasting time and then save some money. Discover a simple process that helps you travel and make a difference in the world.

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Listening Session

By listening to how you want to travel and make a difference, we can help you clarify your vision. We'll identify a multitude of projects and places you can travel. Think of this as cleaning out a cluttered drawer of take out menus.

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Your Own Plan

Together we'll develop your own strategies that you can implement when you're ready. We'll provide guidance now and in the future. Together we'll clear out the mess and complexity. This is supposed to be fun. GeoVisions.org? GeoVisions.yeah!

Da Vinci

Accomplishing Your Travel Goals Just Got A lot Easier

Reward Yourself

Let's Be Honest

Rewarding yourself with a one-month to one-year working holiday takes money, time, risk, planning and supportive friends and family.

We all start out with good intentions to travel abroad and make a difference. But along the way we can get distracted or discouraged.

If you're serious about making a difference in people's lives, GeoVisions can help you stay focused and make your travel dreams come true.

Since 2001 we have helped over 70,000 thousand travelers, just like you, with the same goal of traveling and changing lives. Our staff has a combined 157 years of service doing exactly this. We will keep you motivated and help you squash those doubt bugs. Our simple 3-Step Plan guarantees it.