Do You Have A Country Or Region In Mind?


Are you curious about teaching English abroad? It’s an exciting goal that is surprisingly within reach! Being a teacher overseas can open doors to jobs in regions like Asia, Latin America and Europe.

Are you ready to get started? This material is all about your options for teaching English abroad. You’ll learn about where you can teach, and what’s required in different regions. This guide is your key to launching a new career in teaching English overseas so you can travel the world or being a home tutor to a family wanting to learn English.

It's an exciting time, and opportunities for people who want to teach abound in just about every corner of the globe! Do you have a country or region in mind?

GeoVisions Foundation has teaching jobs in six different countries and summer teaching jobs for current teachers.


  • The demand for teachers or host families  in that country.
  • Whether schools in the country typically require teaching experience.
  • If a bachelor’s degree is needed to get hired.
  • Do you need to be a native-English speaker or do you simply need a “clear accent?”
  • Do teachers in that country earn enough money for you to pay your bills and student loans back home?

Where Do You Want To Teach?

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Where Do You Want To Teach?


Teaching opportunities abound in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica and states throughout Mexico. Teaching salaries and benefits are average.


The market for teachers is strong in Europe, but pay and benefits are only average.

In Western Europe, hiring preference is given to teachers who are citizens of European Union (EU) countries, since they have legal status to work in this region. For non-EU citizens, more job opportunities exist in Eastern European countries, which are more flexible on this point.

GeoVisions has been very successful placing teachers in great teaching jobs in Italy.


With GeoVisions, you can teach english in Taiwan and even China, Thailand, and South Korea. Japan is also extremely strong. Positions often pay well & have attractive benefits, like housing & airfare reimbursement.

Teachers can usually get hired without previous teaching experience, so most countries in Asia are a good choice for new teachers.


Demand for very qualified and experienced teachers in countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Qatar or Saudi Arabia is strong. However, exceptionally high salaries in this region mean schools can afford to be very selective when hiring teachers.

Rules Of Resume Writing

How To Sell Yourself Where You Want To Teach

Some of the "rules" of resume writing for U.S. jobs are out  the window.

Employers and host families might ask you to include information such as your date of birth, country of birth, citizenship status, marital status, or a passport photo on your resume. Don’t overthink it; it’s just the way things are when you apply to teach English overseas. They’re excited to get the perfect person. Like you want the perfect placement.

Look neat and dress professionally in your photo.

The photo you include on your resume is the first  impression they have of you. Make it a good one! Hair should be neat, dress nicely and tattoos or piercings should be concealed. Remember, if you’re headed to a school, your employer is looking for teachers who represent their school, so do what you can to foster a competent, polished image.

Follow These Guidelines

NAME AND CONTACT DETAILS - this can be centered at the top of the resume/CV or left aligned.

PERSONAL DETAILS - left aligned.

YOUR PHOTO - on the right.

EDUCATION - with any TEFL / TESOL certification, university degree(s) and major, city and state of said institutions, and dates of attendance.

WORK EXPERIENCE - With position and responsibilities, dates, city and state. If you have extensive teaching experience, you can even separate those jobs into their own Teaching Experience section, making it easy for the employer to scan through the most relevant work history.

VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE - This means any tutoring positions, work at university that you performed without pay (mentoring), writing for the newspaper, conducting tours, etc. Include location and dates.

Additional Skills and Interests - Do you love to learn languages? Have you hosted an exchange student? Try to include interests that are relevant to the job to which you are applying.

Travel Experience - Have you lived abroad or been an exchange student? This shows the employer that you are adaptable and worldly!

References available upon request - Have at least three ready, and make sure they are okay with being contacted.

Tips To Avoid Problems And Land The Job You Want

  • Do your research. Are you going to volunteer? Live with a host family and tutor them? Or go for the bucks and teach full time?
  • Talk to your GeoVisions expert advisor. We have sent thousands of teachers abroad and can help you make a decision that’s just right for you.
  • Decide if TEFL or TESOL is an investment you want to make.
  • Apply, interview, ask lots of questions.
  • Get hired! For volunteers and tutors … Get Placed!

Get The Real Feel

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Reviews Or Blog Posts?

GeoVisions Foundation provides you with three different ways to find out all you can about the experience you’re about to embark upon.

Reviews / Stories / Expert Advisors

There are many independent reviews about working with GeoVisions and what it’s like to teach abroad.

We have hundreds of Blog Posts (or stories as we like to call them) written by the teachers and tutors who have gone before you.

Lastly, our Expert Advisors have visited the locations of our participants and teachers. They stay in touch with all our teachers and tutors throughout their tenure.

Other Ways To Teach Abroad

What's It Like To Live With A Family And Tutor Them In Conversational English?

If you are graduating from high school or still in college, you will find becoming a tutor to a loving host family an excellent way to dip your toe into the field of teaching.

Take this opportunity to live like a local in your host community. Tutor conversational English to a family in Brazil, China, France, Germany, Italy, or Spain.

Live with a vetted and screened host family in one of the world’s most captivating places. Immerse yourself in the culture, food and language of that country while you tutor a family in English. In return for around 15 hours a week of tutoring, you will receive a free private bedroom and your meals.

If you want to experience what it’s like to actually live in the country of your choice and experience the culture of that country in depth, this is a type of program you really want to consider. We are living in a fast changing world. Technological advances and economic growth call for a better understanding and application of the English language.

Teaching English Online? 5 Things You Should Know

The field of teaching English as a foreign language is always evolving. As part of that evolution, the specialized field of online English teaching has grown in recent years to meet the needs of students worldwide who cannot access in-person classes. What that means for TEFL certified teachers is plenty of opportunity to teach from the comfort of home-- or from the comfort of anywhere in the world with an Internet connection!

Requirements to teach online are usually more flexible than traditional teaching jobs.

  • Online teaching jobs are not hard to find.
  • You don't need a lot of special equipment.
  • Pay can be a good supplement to other income, especially abroad!
  • Don't be intimidated by it--it's easier than you think.
As a first time teacher, being in the classroom was intimidating at first, but I was surprised to see how quickly the middle school and nursery school students opened up their minds and hearts to a twenty-year old form the outskirts of New York City. These students and their families not only welcomed me in the classrooms, but in the community, and in 2 short weeks Lido di Fermo because a place I was visiting, to a place I can call home, and thanks to GeoVisions I'm already planning my trip back.
Shawn Bristow

Emily Bristow Paid Teacher In Italy

My stay in Thailand was amazing!! It wasn't just a place to visit, but a series of divine encounters. My fellow teachers, the students, community of Uttadarit and GeoVisions as well as the Thai people I met impacted my life in ways I can't express. The attitude of the culture is one of respect and acceptance that goes way beyond what I have experienced anywhere else in my travels. Combine this with the beauty of the country, the food, the travel and the graciousness of everyone I met and I had the "Thaime" of my life. I would go back to Thailand in a heartbeat and I hope I get a chance to someday. 
Shawn Bristow

Claudia Hamilton

Teaching English abroad is a rewarding experience that requires patience and open mindedness.

Explore our 15 countries with hundreds of openings.

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