Get A New Job Or Change Your Job

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How Do I Get A New Job Or Change My Job?

Whether you are from a Visa Waiver country and are getting your first job, or you have received GeoVisions permission to change your job … or, like many students you are looking to make some extra money by getting a second job, it is important that you follow instructions so you don’t risk being terminated from your Work and Travel Program. IT IS IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO KNOW THAT YOU CANNOT BEGIN WORKING AT ANY JOB WITHOUT HAVING THAT JOB APPROVED BY GEOVISIONS. IF YOU BEGIN WORKING AT A JOB BEFORE GETTING APPROVAL FROM YOUR SPONSOR, GEOVISIONS, THE STATE DEPARTMENT REQUIRES THAT WE TERMINATE YOU FROM THE PROGRAM.

Important Steps To Follow

  1. If you already have a job and want to move to another job, you need to get permission from GeoVisions first! Often, if you are having a problem with your current job, we can help you solve that problem. Do NOT leave your current job without contacting GeoVisions FIRST.
  2. When you have found a new employer, or a part-time employer for a second job, download and print the GeoVisions Job Offer Form, and have your employer complete the information.
  3. Both you and your employer must sign the GeoVisions Job Offer Form.
  4. Then you, or your employer, can scan the completed form and attach it to an email sent to GeoVisions. Make sure you have advised us how to contact you to let you know whether we approve the job. If we approve the job, you can THEN begin working.
  5. The State Department maintains a list of jobs that are prohibited for Work and Travel students.