Volunteer Abroad

Volunteer Abroad

Here is a volunteer opportunity to do something adventurous that will change your life forever and make a positive impact on many people. Volunteer abroad programs can take place in a classroom abroad a playground, or building projects. All of these community projects capture what international exchange is all about. It’s people from very different cultures coming together, learning from one another, and making positive connections. Helping young students learn English opens doors to new opportunities for them. And helping adult learners enables them to communicate with English-speaking relatives and become more competitive in the global economy.

Teaching abroad is a goal for many people, whether they have a degree in education or not. Volunteering as a teacher or teaching assistant for a short amount of time is an excellent way to do something meaningful without committing to the investment of a TEFL certificate or working abroad full time for a semester or year.

Free E-Book To Read

There are thousands of volunteer abroad programs out there. We recognize that you may find another program you like better, or you may want to volunteer in a country not listed here. Still, we'd like to help you along your journey. This e-booklet, Ready, Set, Go! contains 8 essential "to-dos" before you travel abroad. We hope it helps in your decision-making process while you're doing research on this important next step in your life.

Costa Rica

You will be teaching English to a local group of citizens who want to improve their conversational English.  The class meets in a local classroom, usually 4-6 days a week and generally on Tuesdays through Saturdays.  You would have Sundays and Mondays off.  This group would be asking for 5-8 hours a week from you.

Then, if you’re living with a host family rather than the local hostel, you will tutor the family in Conversational English about 10 hours a week, usually around meal times with the entire family.

Volunteer Teach Costa Rica

A GeoVisions volunteer teacher with some of her students outside the school.


You will be teaching young children in a regular local Italian public school.  Sometimes you will have your own class, and other times you will be assisting another full time teacher in the school. You will also be living with a local host family, and you will set aside time to help them with conversational English when you’re not teaching at the school.

Our volunteer teachers in Italy are placed in the Marche region of Italy. Located about a four hour drive Northeast of Rome on the Adriatic coast, there are small Italian towns that hug the coast line on the east and have stunning hills and mountains on the west. You are a train ride away from Rome, Florence and even Venice can be reach by train on a long weekend. Many of our volunteer teachers have taken the overnight ferry to Split, Croatia for a long weekend.

 Volunteer Teach Italy

A GeoVisions volunteer teacher with several students in the classroom.


A great project to keep you active, fit, and creative. Bring all your creative elegance to renew and build beautiful structures for children and local communities.

Join us on this beautiful island to take part in construction and renovation project to develop infrastructure for the local community and also for the school children. Renovate or build parks, playgrounds, classrooms, kindergartens and more.

Fiji Renovation

Two GeoVisions volunteers abroad in Fiji working on a renovation project for a classroom in their town.


Learn (or improve) Spanish and Volunteer in Antigua. Enjoy homestay accommodation with three meals daily in the center of town.

Monday to Friday:

  • Two mornings will include 2 Spanish lessons. The lessons are broken up into 2, 45-minute sessions.
  • Two mornings you will volunteer to assist in English instruction in a local school.
  • One morning you will volunteer with adults. These will primarily be vendors who are eager to improve their English to speak with tourists who stop by their local shops.
  • Each afternoon you have the option to explore and choose various local activities and adventures at an additional cost.


A GeoVisions volunteer in a school in Guatemala with 3 of his students.