Welcome Home!

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Welcome Home

Thank you for choosing GeoVisions Foundation to help facilitate your overseas project. We hope that you will stay connected to GeoVisions by utilizing some of the resources we have available to you.

Almost all returnees go through a period of adjustment when they return home from abroad.

Similar to the culture shock you may have experienced on your program, you now have to reacclimatize yourself to your home surroundings. Often you have changed greatly during your time abroad and encountered experiences with which your friends and family have no point of reference.

Staying in touch with GeoVisions is a great way to ease into the adjustment of returning home. We have many resources that will help with the process.

As a start, connect with us on Social Media: 


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Because experiences are better than landmarks.

What is your purpose? Why do you get out of bed in the morning?

At GeoVisions Foundation, we are constantly examining our purpose so we can articulate why we do what we do, why our company even exists and why that should matter to anyone else. We believe experiences are more important than landmarks. Through our hashtag #SeekExperiences, our goal is to build upon the community that already lives through our thousands of fans and network of alumni, volunteers, and teachers.

We are already a community, so let’s build a movement together!

We encourage everyone to get involved with this movement and inspire others to travel with a purpose. You do not need to be a current or past GeoVisions Foundation participant to engage with #SeekExperiences – our goal is to inspire everyone, even if you are traveling domestically, even if you are just exploring a new part of your neighborhood. Help us create a movement. Share your journey with us and help us show the world that experiences are more important than landmarks!