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Au Pair In Australia: Aimee's Trip Down Under

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I have been wanting to visit Australia since I can remember.

I finally had the opportunity in life to take advantage and go be an Au Pair in Australia.

Aimee meets a koala while working as an Au Pair in Australia

Being from Seattle, Washington I knew it would be quite the journey. But I took six months off from work and I was ready to go. I chose to Au Pair in Australia because I have previous experience with children while attending university.

I did my research and chose GeoVisions as my program and began the process. They were extremely helpful throughout the application process and got me set up with a family almost instantly. I had read this article, which helped.

If I had to give advice to anyone thinking about this program I would tell them to start saving money. The beginning part of the process is a bit expensive, but once you get to wherever it is you want to go, it all pays off.

Also, traveling alone can be a bit intimidating. So if you are not used to it, I would look up where you are going and what you need to know when you get to each stop. Personally, I had two layovers on my trip down here but I am an experienced flyer so all went without issues. The flights are long so I would bring electronics, books and anything else you can use to waste time.

Aimee looks after two young boys while working as an Au Pair in Australia

A typical day for me is waking up around 7 a.m. and helping out with breakfast and then taking the oldest boy to kindergarten. He stays there for three and a half hours.  The younger child and I hang out at home or go to the park around the corner.

After I pick him up from school we play outside depending on the weather. Hide and seek is a favorite and anything to do with Ninja Turtles. The mom or dad get home anytime from 5 o’clock to 6 o’clock and I have some down time until dinner. Every day can be a little different depending on what we have to do, but we all got into a pretty good system quickly.

Aimee has made a lot of friends while working as an Au Pair in Australia

I would definitely recommend being an Au Pair in Australia to other people. Doing your research first is key, that way you know where you are going and what there is to do once you get there.

So far I have made tons of friends, watched a surfing competition, an Australian football game, I’ve been camping on the Great Ocean Road, seen live music and have even pet a koala bear. I’ve packed in a lot of fun stuff within the three months I’ve been here and cannot wait to add more!

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